provides its customers with a choice of Zebra P110i Single Sided Card Printer custom parts

Friday, 5th March 2010, San Diego: has added an optional customized addition to the Zebra P110i Single Sided Card Printer. Now you can also purchase 3 different custom additions for your printer at a lower price than the market.

Online PR News – 16-March-2010 – – "Idcards-printers has been a part of the market for many years, thus proving to be an established company. They provide their clients with a range of different business machines, such as Zebra P110i, Evolis card printer, ID card printers, plastic card printers etc. We also have been known to offer discounts and special offers regularly to their clients, which makes them a favorite for many buyers. The company’s major clients include Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Government Offices, Universities, Private businesses, and banks. provides the costumers with the Zebra P110i Single sided card printer for making sure the companies have a check-n-balance system.
Idcards-printers provides its Zebra P110i customers with 3 different options, Ethernet interface, Magnetic Encoder, and starter kit. These options not only enhance the working power of the machine but also make it easier for the owners to work with more workload. The Ethernet interface helps the machine in working with different computers over an online network which makes it usable in different office setups. The magnetic encoder helps the machine in developing smart cards which may require electric keys to work in an advanced technological office. The starters kit makes sure you are using all the options of the machine without having to worry about experimenting. The company also offers a 2 year warranty to the customers as well as free shipping to your doorstep. Apart from these offers, the company is also providing a big discount to the customers on the Zebra P110i ID card printer. Because of being a favorite of the market, has made it easier for the customers to buy their desired equipment over the internet. The on-site buying helps many customers around the country in shopping online and not having to leave their offices. You can visit the website and check out all the information required in buying your required machine or other office equipment.
For further queries please check out the website. You can also call on their hotline to get any instant help you may require.
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