New Mobile App Helps Those Needing Fire Investigators, Forensic Engineers & More

Often those who are looking to find competent are working under a great deal of stress and they need to get in touch with an expert right away

Online PR News – 08-September-2012 – Marble Falls, TX – [Humble, TX] - September 7, 2012 - Often those who are looking to find competent fire investigators are working under a great deal of stress and they need to get in touch with an expert right away. This is what they would typically turn to EFI Global to find, among other key services, and until recently they would have needed to either make a phone call or browse the web to get the help they need. Since the company has offices across the United States, finding a local office with local experts in fire investigation, forensic engineering, environmental science and more is what is most important to the majority of these clients. A new app from EFI Global makes this far easier and faster to do, connecting them more directly with exactly the services they need which the company can provide. For those who are already dealing with all kinds of stress, this is a huge relief and having the app on their phone allows them to get the help they need within moments instead of making them do even more work. Getting live help right away is crucial in most of these situations that really do need expert attention in a timely matter and the new app makes sure this happens and happens quickly.

EFI Global has built its 40 year reputation on providing the very best experts in a variety of disciplines who can serve a number of different roles. Their highly educated forensic engineers are sought after by those who need to perform structural analysis or determine the cause of an accident. With so many trusted experts working for the firm, it is no surprised that they are often called in for high profile court cases where the very best in expert witness testimony is needed. EFI Global has experts in a wide range of key specialties often needed today and definitely has made a name for itself by providing the very best service to those in need. The company offers a range of consulting services, as well, to help those who need to have the best on their side when making important decisions. With the new app, all of these services will be even easier to access.

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