University of Manchester Releases Research On High Tech ‘Magic Carpet’ reports

New carpet technology alerts when someone falls down on it

Online PR News – 07-September-2012 – -- – San Francisco, CA - British researchers have introduced a new carpet by the name of, “magic carpet”, which includes optical fibers woven into the carpet. This special carpet monitors steps and is able to warn someone before they fall down or senses any changes in walking style.

It is also said that this magic carpet is able to raise an alarm whenever any person is walking on it and falls. It has also been said by the British researcher that this invention can raise a warning before the fall as it simply can monitor the foot steps of a person and can monitor where the person is heading to.

The optical fibers are laid on the underlay of a carpet as they can bend whenever someone walks over it. It automatically creates a map and hence monitors the footsteps in real time. It is comprised of tiny electronic sensors, which relay signals to the computer. Through the signals the computer is able to show a complete map and show images of the footsteps, hence monitors the motion and walking style. It’s also able to identify gradual changes in walking behavior or any sudden incident such as a fall or trip.

The scientists believe that their research of this new smart carpet will be very helpful in senior care homes or hospital wards. It can also can be very helpful in predicting any incident that can take place. It is also said that even the physiotherapists can also make use of this technology and can easily judge the walking motions of their patients. However one can also have it in their home if necessary.

Doctor Patricia Scully from the University of Manchester’s Photon Science Institute, said that this smart carpet can be very helpful in knowing of a fall and can also understate the change in the walking habits that might not be spotted by a family member.

'The carpet can gather a wide range of information about a person's condition; from biomechanical to chemical sensing of body fluids, enabling holistic sensing to provide an environment that detects and responds to changes in patient condition,” said Dr. Scully, according to

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