Golden Age Pulp Fiction meets 21st Century Mobile Marketing

Golden Age Theater in Hollywood, presents live, old-time radio type dramatic reads of 30's/40's pulp fiction classics and are using the same 21st century Mobile Marketing, that might have appeared in their Sci-fi classics, to increase their attendees.

Online PR News – 16-March-2010 – – For Immediate Release
Hollywood, CA
February 20, 2010

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Golden Age Pulp Fiction meets 21st Century Mobile Marketing
By Lauren Blaine

We’ve all seen the film, “Pulp Fiction” with the main characters making with the wise cracks while taking care of unsavory business.

Though very loosly connected to the pulp fiction genre, the film's title is based on the pulp fiction that was wildly popular in the 1930’s and ‘40s. Astounding Science Fiction, Startling Stories, Fantastic Science Fiction and others were the sit-coms and weekly dramas of that time, before television, when radio was king and your imagination was something you had to invest to get great entertainment in return.

Cut to the year 2010. Not only has television been around for over 50 years, we now have Wii games, personal computers the size of a deck of cards and Dick Tracy type cell phones with video phones only a short walk away with G4 technology. Stuff that our grandmothers scoffed at ever having in their lifetimes.

But it is here.

And along the way, marketing has changed with these advances in technology. Old forms of advertising have fallen away and new avenues have taken their place. How long has it been since you actually used the Yellow Pages for what it was intended for; to find businesses? Sure, it gets used as little Janie’s booster seat or to hold the door open during the summer but the days of using that as your only form of adverting are gone.

Author Services, Inc is taking the Pulp Fiction genre into the 21st century by using text, short code Mobile Marketing to promote the Golden Age Theater ( and their complete collection of L. Ron Hubbard’s Pulp Fiction classics in book and audio book form.

Their new campaign, administrated by BizM3 ( is centered around expanding the attendance of their Golden Age Theater which produces an Old Time Radio live performance of one of Mr. Hubbard’s classics every Saturday night at their Hollywood Walk of Fame location.

All a person has to do is text the word, “Golden” to the number 67777 and they will receive a text back. They reply, “Yes” to that text to double opt in and are instructed to bring that second text into their Hollywood location and, if they are first time attendees, they will receive two free tickets to the show. Those who have attended before will receive a buy one, get one free offer with that same text.

I don’t know about you but this writer finds it ironic that the original genre that brought the “fantasy” of high-tech, outer space travel, computer assisted living and wireless communication into the minds of millions some 70 years ago would some day be promoted with the same technology it birthed. Don’t ya think?

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