"How to Become a Knowledge Worker" Free Video Training from John Spencer Ellis & Topher Morrison
7 September 2012
Whether it’s speaking, training, organizing, planning, analyzing or programming, knowledge workers get paid to use their brains instead of their brawn. Even better, they get paid when they’re not even working, ultimately enabling them to work less and live more. In a free training video, “How to Become a Knowledge Worker: Get Paid for Thinking in the Knowledge Economy,” fitness guru John Spencer Ellis and Dr. Topher Morrison, best known for his training and writing on leadership and excellence, discuss specific strategies for becoming an effective knowledge worker. Knowledge worker careers can include application developer, online coach, internet marketer, fitness or personal development, author, software development, speaker, information product develop and more. The free new video, which is now available at http://johnspencerellis.com/how-to-become-a-knowledge-worker-get-paid-for-thinking-in-the-knowledge-economy/, discusses: The evolution of the “Knowledge Economy;” How to continue to do the physical part of what you love and still become a knowledge worker; How to start thinking and working differently as a knowledge worker; The lifestyle of a knowledge worker; And more. “People often wonder ‘I literally can’t work anymore hours in the day, so how can I make more money?” Morrison remarked. He shares his best practices for developing creative information and services that others want and need. “You have two choices: You can continue what you are doing now and watch the world change around you, or learn how to become a knowledge worker and lead your industry while helping more people,” said Ellis, founder of John Spencer Ellis Enterprises, a fitness and personal development solutions company. “This free video training will give you the specific information and strategies you need to transition to this personally, professionally and financially rewarding career path.” The free video training can now be viewed online at http://johnspencerellis.com/how-to-become-a-knowledge-worker-get-paid-for-thinking-in-the-knowledge-economy/.