Indie Author Exceeds First Month Sales Expectations

Self-published author Kathryn Vercillo proves that affordable marketing ideas combined with a personal touch can lead to sales success for new titles.

Online PR News – 06-September-2012 – San Francisco, CA – When self-published author Kathryn Vercillo released her newest title (Crochet Saved My Life) last month she set a goal of selling 100 copies in 30 days. She succeeded in exceeding her goal. More than that, the book has already gotten several positive Amazon reviews and received terrific support from blogs and social media. The author has even found that people outside of her original target market are taking to the title. She has done all of this without spending a lot of money on marketing. This speaks to the terrific possibilities for self-published authors today.

Kathryn Vercillo is an indie author and solopreneur who is doing all of the marketing for Crochet Saved My Life on her own. She has found that success in sales comes because of the personal touch she has used in her marketing. Her early marketing efforts have been through her own blog, others’ blogs, her email newsletter, social media and direct email. These are all affordable options in comparison to more traditional self-publisher marketing tools, which often include paying for professional book reviews or even hiring publicity companies.

Vercillo runs the blog Crochet Concupiscence and produces a monthly newsletter for readers of that blog. When Crochet Saved My Life was released on August 1st, the author ran a ten-day series of posts on her blog related to the topics covered in her book. Each post shared relevant, interesting information and mentioned how to buy the book. Her email newsletter followed up with the same techniques. Between print copies and Kindle copies, the author managed to exceed her first month sales goal using just this approach alone.

Vercillo didn’t stop there, though. She used email and social media to contact other bloggers to find out if they would be willing to do posts about her new book. She created a digital press kit rich in information that could be sent to interested bloggers. She also made herself available for interviews and offered to do guest posts. In August alone the book was mentioned on more than thirty blogs, including four full interviews with the author. Each additional article lead to more sales.

Crochet Saved My Life is about the mental and health benefits of crafting (crochet especially). It shares the author’s mini-memoir of healing from lifelong depression through crafting along with stories and research that all support the idea that “handmade heals”. The author’s original target market was women with health problems who enjoy crochet. However, she rapidly found that she had a much broader market than this. While it especially appeals to readers who have dealt with depression, the stories cross a wide range of health topics and have much broader appeal than initially expected. The book has received positive reviews from former occupational therapists and mental health counselors. The book has even received a lot of support from male readers who may not initially take to a book about women who crochet but who have found that the healing benefits described in the chapters apply to other hands-on crafts as well including woodworking, gardening and putting together model cars and planes.

Vercillo’s success in meeting her goals and expanding her target market show how a self-published author can do well today utilizing a combination of technological tools and an old-fashioned personal touch!

About Kathryn Vercillo. Kathryn has been a freelance writer for 10+ years and has published other books but Crochet Saved My Life is her first full-length self-published title. Learn more about the author at Learn more about this exciting new title at

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