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To put it bluntly, Resveratrol, or RezV, simply beats each and every natural supplement or anti-aging product on the market

Online PR News – 17-February-2009 – – To put it bluntly, Resveratrol, or RezV, simply beats each and every natural supplement or anti-aging product on the market. Featured on WebMD, Fox News, CNN, New York Times, Barbara Walters and NBC, the RezV innovative alimentary supplement is known to have effects ranging from anti-aging to preventing severe diseases like cancer, Alzheimer and Parkinson. “No other natural supplement can rise up to our product”, said Dr. Jason Peterson, the founder of Rezv in an interview.

Mankind has always yearned for a longer life span. “It’s in the nature of humankind”, say philosophers and psychologists. While there is no way of reversing aging and making us younger, the anti-aging treatments have been here for decades, and this is where RezV boasts its enormous potential. “We are simply the best on the market”, continued Dr. Peterson in his interview. I use RezV every day, and the energy boost it gives me is incredible! My normal work day is 14 hours, 6 days a week. When we were working on our formula I used to take other competitors’ products, but to no use. I was crashing shortly after noon. No other product could give me the metabolism boost I needed!”. His assertions are backed up by an enormous amount of testimonials from customers that love RezV and only regret they haven’t learned about it a few years ago. Even Dr. Peterson’s teenage son tried RezV and his acne problems disappeared within a week.

Anti aging skin treatments (usually in the form of creams) have come up as a competitor against RezV. However, studies have shown that most of them are simply moisturizers that don’t work as their manufacturers have advertised them. Moreover, most of them contain chemicals that damage the skin in the long run.

The National Library of Medicine announced that during the past 36 months more than 600 studies on this product have been received. In his PhD paper, Dr. Andrew Stolz, a researcher from the Oxford Medical School, relates one of their experiments. They took two dozens of lab rats and administered Rezveratrol to the first group, then fed both sets with a fat-rich diet for several weeks in a row. The results came as a shock: in the first group, although they had gained weight, the mice didn’t get any medical complications associated with obesity, were as jolly as mice can be, and their cardiovascular system was functioning properly. The second group, however, was had suffered severe heart problems, and their death rate was around 30 percent higher.

Reaching a bit to the scientific part, you must have heard that a glass of red wine per day can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular accidents. That’s where Resveratrol comes in, as it is a substance found in grapevines and its concentration in red wine is much bigger than in other sorts. With respect to the production process of red and white wine, we should mention that, besides the actual grapes used in the process, red wine uses the skins and seeds as well, whereas white wine is only made of the juice of the squashed fruit, and thus a huge amount of Resveratrol is being wasted. Also, during the maceration (the process in which polyphenols, including condensed tannins, are extracted from grape skins, a family of genes in Resveratrol, called SIR2, is activated and contributes to lifespan control and proper body response to alimentary diet. All these compounds are easily assimilated into the blood stream, have absolutely no side effects and help boost the body’s immune system.

A lot of people are reluctant to using an “anti-aging pill” simply because it sounds like it’s coming from a Science-Fiction movie. Ancient 16th century heroes were cruising the world searching for the Fountain of Youth, and the natural supplements’ effects seem like coming from a fairy tale. Well, it’s high time RezV demotes this myth. The formula has been checked, double checked and triple checked by experts in research centers and they have all agreed that it works miracles in short term. No, you don’t have to wait for a whole year for the effects to kick in, testimonials have shown that the effects appear after one to two weeks.

Another issue heavily discussed by potential RezV customers was whether one needs a prescription from a doctor to use it. Dr. Peterson’s response came as straightforward as possible: “No, you don’t need a prescription! Not now, not ever! Our natural supplement only contains amino acids and vitamins. Not in a million years would we even think of adding steroids to our formula, like our competitors do!”

As a proof of confidence, Dr. Jason Peterson offers free testing of the wonder pill: anyone can order a free sample of RezV from , no strings attached. “We are so confident that people will simply love our product”, said Dr. Peterson, “that we are willing to give the first bottle for free. You don’t even have to return it if you don’t like it, consider it a gift from us! We are so confident that you will use our product again, that we might even consider offering a whole case of RezV. Buy it now, pay later!”.

About RezV

Resveratrol is the leading anti-aging treatment on the market. Yes, it demotes any competitors. Yes, it’s all natural. Yes, it works, and it works extremely well! Yes, everyone who has used it is has been thrilled about its effects. Yes, it does has every single effect advertised: slow your aging process, boosts metabolism, reduces wrinkles, boosts energy, burns calories, clears up your acne, prevents and fights cancer and helps you lose weight. And yes, the first bottle is free, only on !

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