Hollywood Baskets Offers a Sneak Peek Into the 2012 MTV VMA Nominees Gift Bags

September 7, 2012, last night One Direction took home several moon men statues at the MTV VMA Awards. The guys also took home a coveted Hollywood Baskets gift bag. Find out exactly what goodies were inside.

Online PR News – 07-September-2012 – Los Angeles, CA. – Hollywood Baskets is the leader in gift bags for celebrities and events that take place in Hollywood. One of the reasons that marketing companies flock to them for product placement is that they actually place smaller companies unique items inside gift bags. "We like to explore what smaller businesses have to offer, "say Lisa founder of Hollywood Baskets." "Don't get me wrong, we love mainstream corporations too, but we like a friendly balance." This year All MTV VMA nominees received these amazing gift bags shipped directly. This lightens the load to carry the coveted Moonman statue.

Nominees will have no choice but to have perfect skin once they try FiaFini and Neydharting Moor Skincare for the face and Vital Earth Traditions Body Butter for the body. After the shea butter is applied to the feet, they can be kept cozy with an array of funky patterned socks from Happy Socks.

Melanie Mills who gives the Dancing with the Stars cast their amazing glow is providing nominees with her signature line.

All the way from Maui, Bootzie has sent her vanilla scented fragrance to the female nominees. All of the nominees will receive custom created necklaces from Robin Hood Couture in Canada.

The 9 Nanas have done it again. No one can get enough of their amazing organic pound cakes, they generously donate time and time again.

Who doesn't love Pirate's Booty? They make a perfect on the go snack with only 65 calories in their small packs.

If you have not tried Rickland Orchards Greek Yogurt Bars you are really missing out. These bars are a perfect on the go solution for hungry bellies and they taste AMAZING!!

Eating Evolved has the BEST organic truffles in the world, with flavors like coconut, macadamia, and mocha, they will be well received.

Looks like with all these goodies, nominees are going to be thirsty. Not to worry, they can quench their thirst with Premium Purified
Alkaline Mineral Water by IndigoH20 in their gorgeous blue glass bottles. As an added pick me up, they will also receive Illy issimo coffee drinks.

Soul Ties hair and wrist ties are providing the female nominees with some cool funky patterns to match with their forever altering wardrobes.

Artisfactions.com offers business development services,marketing and photography.

Heaven's Makeup Bar and Simply Nature Day Spa, both local companies in the Los Angeles area, are providing all of the nominees with gift certificates to try out their many services.

Something to bring home to the kiddos? Ah yes, most of the nominees are kiddos themselves. KNEX is offering cool angry birds building sets, perfect for time spent on the road, or perhaps backstage in the dressing rooms!

All items will be presented in custom made zebra tote bags compliments of Hollywood Baskets.