The Enkindling of Tennessee Williams’ “In The Bar of a Tokyo Hotel”

Off Broadway play "In The Bar of a Tokyo Hotel" by Tennessee Williams this fall in New York City. Media at Large brings on Dreamcatcher Entertainment to manage production at New World Stages in the heart of the theatre district.

Online PR News – 07-September-2012 – New York, NY – Tennessee Williams would have been 100 years old last year. There have been countless celebrations of his posthumous centennial and theatre lovers have been enticed to take a second look at some of his lesser known works.

Actor and Producer Shashi Balooja was there long before the bandwagon took off. For the past 15 years he has dreamed of doing justice to one of Williams’ most critically derided plays. Balooja’s dream has now become a reality and “In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel” will soon be brought to life like never before. “I sat with this thing for fifteen years. It was one of the first plays I read after moving to NYC to start an acting career from scratch at 27. At the time I totally identified with the mad, crazed and erratic, distracted artist in the play, Mark. I still do. I did a reading two years ago with friends and I finally knew it was time. The play was ready. I found an invaluable key with Maria. We decided to bring Mark’s canvasses to life as vividly he, Mark, saw them though movement in the form of a ‘living canvas’,” said Balooja.

This October, for a limited engagement over three weeks at New World Stages, a unique take on this production will be performed. A film will also be shot around the production. Dreamcatcher Entertainment has been hired to manage the production.

“In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel” (“The Tokyo Project”), is a tale of love, loss, and tremendous pain masked and healed by the artistic beauty of a painting on a “living canvas”. Mark, played by Shashi Balooja, and his wife Miriam are two Americans trapped in a very troubled marriage who have found themselves in a Tokyo hotel. A once successful painter, Mark is trying desperately to reinvigorate his career but due to the stress of his failing marriage, indulgent lifestyle and the toxicity of being trapped in a room full of paint and turpentine, he is finding his goal to be exceedingly difficult. He appears to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown and has convinced himself that he has discovered color. Sinking deeper into his psychosis, he spreads his canvases on the floor and sprays paint on them while rolling around in the nude. Mark is convinced that he is creating his ultimate masterpiece. With his obvious diminishing physical and mental capabilities, in addition to Miriam’s attempts to have him committed, Mark is racing against his own inevitable fate.

Balooja, who is directing alongside Creative Director and Choreographer Maria Torres, has chosen to approach the play with segments set to movement, through which elements of the play will be interpreted. In conjunction with other media including live streaming video, this will bring the images of Mark’s canvasses to life in the form of a “living canvas”.

The production is currently raising an additional $38,000 on Kickstarter until September 10th to subsidize private funding and take advantage of this perfect opportunity to perform the production at the right theatre, at the right time.

“I feel blessed to be a vessel for this work and will do my utmost to do the play and Mr. Williams justice. It’s the icing on the cake as I am an immigrant island boy truly living my American Dream. Thank you Mr. Poitier,” concluded Balooja.

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Opening Night is October 17th. Previews and schedule to follow.