Malfunction Films Looking for Completed Screenplays, Feature and Short Films, Web Series

San Diego-based Malfunction Films is looking to acquire screenplays for production as well as feature films, short films and web series for distribution.

Online PR News – 07-September-2012 – San Diego, California – San Diego-based Malfunction Films is accepting finished screenplay submissions for feature, short and web series scripts. The company is also looking to acquire completed films for packaging and online distribution.

David Barak, the company's founder, said "There are so many distribution channels available now that the need for quality content is growing. Although some projects are developed completely in-house, we're finding it necessary to go on the hunt for scripts and films too."

Malfunction Films is primarily looking for Earth-bound science fiction screenplays that require minimal special effects, simple locations and can be produced relatively quickly.

"Primer and Pi are two examples of the types of films we're interested in producing," said Barak. "These are simple and could have been filmed just about anywhere. Of course, if your story takes place in the San Diego area, we could possibly take advantage of specific locations."

In addition to the search for finished screenplays, Malfunction Films is also looking for completed films to package and distribute. However, in this case, any genre is acceptable as long as it can be bundled with other films in the same genre.

"What we're hoping to do is find films that we can group by genre and then bundle up for distribution. This works best with short films, but we're open to reviewing features and web series too."

Before acceptance, completed films will be fully vetted to ensure they honor all copyrights and trademarks, and that all performers have signed the appropriate releases.

"Malfunction Films is committed to the artists we work with," said Barak. "Our accounting practices are completely transparent. We realize that the creators have done the bulk of the work and have taken on nearly all the risk, so we believe that they should receive most of the financial rewards of distribution."

For more information, visit the Malfunction Films website at Because of the potential number of submissions, initial inquiries by phone are not accepted.