Provides a Global Platform for Arab Women

06 september- 2012, Thursday: The pity situation of the women in Arab countries has always been in news fetching global concerns.

Online PR News – 06-September-2012 – Chiswick, London – 06 september- 2012, Thursday: The pity situation of the women in Arab countries has always been in news fetching global concerns. The dictatorial national and social administration has always been pressing the weaker gender in society not only unduly but cruelly. The recent developments in mass communication industry have made the world aware of the pity situation of the Arab women in gulf countries and have earned their politicians a global contempt. The media has also made the Arab female community aware of the latest developments and equal right phenomenon in other countries; encouraging them to raise their voice against the oppression.  Many of the Arab nations have even restricted the proliferation of mass communication tools so that they can keep the women in servitude forever. However, no dark cloud can stop the Sun from spreading its light all around. The people are becoming aware and even many communists are now feeling forced to accept the social change. Arab women are coming up and ahead in every sphere of their lives. is one of such move which is bringing the feats of this so-far-dejected gender to global audience and encouraging them to make a niche in the global village.

We are the advocate of this change in Arab world today" informs a representative of the website, "we feel it our responsibility to take our world towards the light and change the dark image of our nations and community from a man dominated world to more educated and enlightened society" he added. The website is offering free membership to Arab women, prompting them to share their stories with the world, and learn from others who are making a mark within the society. The site seems to be a right instrument to help the so far dejected Arab women to make a foray into new exciting world of opportunities. The site has various sections such as Business Matters, Art/Culture, Fashion, Jewellery, Health & Beauty, Interiors, Food, Entertainment, and Travel. The site is a great source of information and social networking.

"We are sharing the current development strategies of Arab women with the world, and at the same time making the Arab female community aware how women in other worlds are making their own way and competing with the men in almost every field" informs the person from, the prime aim behind launching this website is to offer them a platform to share their views with the world and find ways to self development" he ends.

This certainly is a good attempt. There are various other forms of communication which could have been used for the purpose such as television, newspapers, radios, magazines but all these have their limited areas of publication. Only websites are the really successful tool to take your words global. The is also offering online shopping facility to its members enabling them reach the things that they really deserve. The situation is improving very fast and women are no longer the weaker community but are emerging as better half of the society in all walks of the life. For more information please log onto