ZoomNotes Version 3 Release

ZoomNotes Version 3 release date - 6th September 2012

Online PR News – 06-September-2012 – Sheffield/UK – ZoomNotes Version 3 is to be released on the 6th September. It adds some great new features to our already feature rich note-taking and drawing iPad app. Uniquely ZoomNotes allows you to write anywhere and at any scale – giving you an almost infinite workspace. Version 3 adds to this with the concept of sub-documents/pages – these are pages within pages which allow you to add a structure to your workspace in a very intuitive and easy fashion. Sub-documents are fully integrated with the other great features including the bookmarking and presentation system.

ZoomNotes has grown out of an in-house software development design tool to rapidly capture early stage design ideas. This concept has now grown and developed in to a general purpose note-taking and drawing app with many unique features. We have responded to customer feedback with each new release and the latest release not only lets you capture your ideas better than ever before it also lets you present them is an easy and intuitive way through the use of bookmarks and sub-pages.
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