Art On The Go: Goofy Gallerist Is Offering a Free Version of the Virtual Museum App

Goofy Gallerist, the virtual museum iPhone app where players are tasked with deciphering scrambled masterpieces of art, is launching a free version called “Goofy Gallerist: Opening.” The free version will be available to download in the AppStore on September 6th.

Online PR News – 11-September-2012 – New York - ( September 6th, 2012 ) – Following the adventures of an unlucky gallerist, your mission is to help him restore 36 canvases, divided into six wings which have been scrambled by a cross-eyed alien from outer space. To make things more complicated, the users will only have limited moves to complete the mission. Players will easily solve the intital puzzles, yet level after level the difficulty increases giving them a short margin of error to make it to the victory. Users will begin faced with masterpieces from The Renaissance including but not limited to artists such as Leonardo and Raffaello, smoothly arriving to Klimt and Schiele's Expressionist paintings, all the while passing through Hokusai, Van Gogh, Lautrec and many other masters. Each painting that is restored will be placed into a personal gallery, initially empty, thus far finally visible by the players, his friends and visitors of all kinds (aliens included)! For those who find too much adversity completing certain levels, there is an in-app purchase to rescue them. For only .99 cents, players are allowed to use unlimited moves at any time they desire resulting in a more relaxed gameplay, with the absolute freedom to always choose to revert to the original gameplay style.

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"I’m very excited to launch the free version of Goofy Gallerist, "Goofy Gallerist: Opening" for app users," said developer Matteo Diterlizzi. "Both versions keep the fingertips of players busy for hours and introduce them to some of the art worlds most renowned works of art," he added.

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Matteo Diterlizzi is an independent developer now sailing through the stormy waves of mobile apps developing. He is the creator of the Goofy Gallerist, an intelligent art puzzle game, and of its spin-off, Goofy Gallerist Opening. Matteo's mission is to always make games that can entertain and be smart at the same time.