People Tracing Portal Launched

RLR Consultancy, a leading research consultancy based in Ireland has recently announced the launch of their website

Online PR News – 06-September-2012 – – RLR Consultancy offers it's customers a comprehensive range of research and investigative services such as:people tracing and open media research. Services which are of particular importance to companies who require due diligence exercises to be undertaken during the process of mergers and acquisitions and also law firms in relation to tracing of individuals in relation to forthcoming legal proceedings. We also offer our services to the general public in relation to “Lost Contact” family members, old friends and work colleague reunification.

According to the spokesman from RLR Consultancy, "We are unlike many other firms in our business, by offering the range of services, we are able too provide research services to both businesses large and small, and also to their the private sector. Our customer base ranges from law firms, property agencies, small to medium business enterprises and the private individual." "Our team of highly skilled and experienced research analysts have an unparalleled erudition of the research and investigative industry. Each valued member of our team has become an expert in their chosen discipline."

RLR Consultancy prides itself to convey to our prospective clients is that we offer a very high level of service and commitment to each instruction we receive. We understand that during the current economic climate that our clients want to achieve excellent results on tight budgets and timescales.

When asked what makes RLR Consultancy stand out from other firms, the spokesman stated, "We pride ourselves on delivering clear and accurate information to our clients on a client lead deadline structure. Whether it be tracing a witness to a road traffic accident so their evidence can be used in court or a missing family or beneficiary of a will, or other people tracing ( needs, we treat all of our instructions with the same degree of importance and dedication. We feel this is where we stand out from our competitors."

It is extremely important to verify and pursue the data found and search each source until all leads are exhausted with skip tracing. Nowadays, computerized records can provide a wealth of information on the missing person. Investigators who skip trace have the experience and resources to interpret accurate leads from inaccurate ones.