Interactive Floor Projection Technology Entertains Kids in a Variety of Settings

This press release is to inform readers of the interactive floor technology available for use by children from RichTech Systems Ltd.

Online PR News – 06-September-2012 – Las Vegas/Nevada – The interactive floor projection technology which has been developed by RichTech Systems Ltd. is perfectly suited for kids of all ages. The system projects images onto a floor that allows users to interact with it by moving on the floor surface itself. In this way, kids are able to play a huge range of games with the interactive projection. Visit RichTech’s channel on YouTube to see the system at work and a selection of some of the games that can be chosen from.
The all-in-one system makes it easy for users to plug and play with the interactive floor. The technology is easy for playgrounds, shopping centers, dental clinics, hospitals, doctors’ offices, schools and event centers to set up and use within twenty minutes. The interactive projection can help to attract visitors and make their experience more pleasant.
It is especially useful in situations that might cause anxiety for kids. The ingenious technology is so much fun for kids that it can distract them from going to the dentist or shopping with their parents for a long time. Whether the child has a needle awaiting them or merely more shopping, they are happy, stress free and having fun during the waiting time instead of anxious, crying and upset. This helps to calm both their nerves and those of their parents.
The interactive floor technology also makes it easy for kids to play safely indoors. Not only does it make it less likely for kids to be hurt, it also means that children can play regardless of the weather outside. This is especially important for children in hospitals or doctor’s offices who may already be injured. These children may be especially eager to play because of restrictions on their normal activities.
RichTech has a range of specially designed games for these floor systems such as car racing games, soccer, hockey, football, fishing, playing musical instruments such as the xylophone or piano and more. They have also made it easy to interject ads between games to make it a great way to advertise to the parents who are probably watching their kids enjoy the games. This makes it especially effective in play centers in shopping malls and public spaces. Both the children and the parents will be amazed with what the system has to offer.
Other display options available on this system have children chasing objects off of a static image. The static image can be easily set up to be an ad for a store, product or service. Children have fun chasing butterflies, leaves or raindrops from the screen while the advertisement is revealed to the adults surrounding the screen on the floor. Presenting advertising in such a creative and unique manner can help retailers to drive up sales in a very cost-effective and low pressure setting.
About the Company:
RichTech Systems Ltd. is a world-wide leader of new technologies such as the interactive floor projection system. They have a strong commitment to customer service while providing award winning systems in virtual reality technology, touch screen innovations and multimedia displays.