Quodient Nominated For 2012 Chicago Innovation Awards

Agile Multisourced Delivery Model

Online PR News – 06-September-2012 – Chicago, Illinois – Quodient announces a faster, leaner way to develop and test tech solutions for business applications. Borrowing industrial methods from lean manufacturing, Quodient’s agile Multisourced Delivery Model (AMDM) utilizes tight-knit teams of engineers who work in tandem to deliver the final software product faster and more efficiently than traditional development models. AMDM adds a fourth dimension to tech development, enabling quicker and more predictable ROI and TCO. In recognition, Quodient has been nominated for the 2012 Chicago Innovation Awards.

AMDM’s more dynamic approach to developing technological solutions is inspired by the principles of lean manufacturing and kanban. AMDM relies on small teams of engineers to work on specific tasks, based on their specific skill sets, each allocated specific access levels. These modular coding teams work faster, reduce redundancy, and add a new dimension to developing tech solutions. Add to this mix a layer of Kanban, for the what-when-where in software development, which ensures tighter communication between development teams, and AMDM can bring new products to market more quickly and more cheaply. AMDM’s capabilities deliver results much faster than traditional tech development models and can be applied to virtually every aspect of tech development, from developing new solutions from scratch or re-engineering or enhancing existing systems. AMDM can maximize the entire life cycle of tech development and management.
By following “Bag of Tasks” ideology, AMDM can more efficiently manage complexities in developing software solutions for business, more affordably than ever. Currently, the cost in time and resources to develop the kinds of high-tech products consumers’ demand slows down business instead of driving it. AMDM’s competitive advantage is that it streamlines the cost of development with predictable outcomes. Software development may not be tangible, but the benefits of AMDM certainly are. AMDM allows companies to adapt quickly to ever-advancing technology and ever-changing business environments. AMDM offers a better and more affordable way for business to stay one tech-step ahead of the competition.

About Quodient Inc.
Independently owned and award-winning Quodient is one of the leading technology companies in its field. For years, Quodient's teams have been providing strategic consulting, solution development and technology services for clients around the world out of their St. Louis, Missouri headquarters, and more recently, their Chicago flagship.

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