Breakthrough Service: Leveraging Employee And Customer Satisfaction For Profit And Growth – By Use Of Inscape DiSC® Profiling

Improve business results by retaining employees and customers. A great chance to get certified in the Internationally recognized DISC certification.

Online PR News – 16-March-2010 – – Dubai 15th March 2010 – the first quarter of 2010 is almost over. Regional companies have just about started to yawn out of the lull and lethargy of the 2009 economic crisis. At Global Management Consultants, Dubai, UAE, we have started to focus on two critical aspects of business :

1) retaining employees, in order to in turn,
2) satisfy and retain customers.

Our research shows that the equation for profitability in year 2010 is going to be fairly straightforward :
Happy Employees come first - Great service begins at home
+ Customer comes second - And still get a great service
= Ultimate CUSTOMER experience and results.

The above equation requires deeper understanding of human behavior. Predominately organizations try to crack the code to profitability, by making huge investments in customer satisfaction initiatives, customer loyalty business models and so on. There is nothing wrong with such approach, however, this is more like : putting the cart before the horse.

The solution to reaching profitability in 2010 is actually much more simpler. For instance, regional companies need to know scientifically what motivates their employees ( individual basis ), what are their emotional needs, what are their strengths, and what are their weaknesses. Harnessed with this knowledge, companies can then invest time, effort and money in ‘meeting employee emotional needs’, leading to ‘satisfied, happy employees’, which in turn will lead to the ultimate customer experience.

Global Management Consultants, advises, consults and trains regional organization on how to become ‘employee’ centric, by use of focus groups, people design and training, consultation activities and above all deployment of Inscape DiSC® profiling methodologies.

To learn more about the Global’s ‘employee centric’ and Inscape Profiling people design strategies, you can be part of the following people design programs :

-International Inscape DiSC ® Certification Program – Location : Dubai. 27th - 29th March 2010

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-Breakthrough Service: Leveraging Employee And Customer Satisfaction For Profit And Growth

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