Online VNC Solutions Releases New Version of its Remote Desktop Control Utility

Online VNC Server, a free remote desktop control tool, has been updated to version 2.0. The program provides effortless remote access to a desktop from virtually anywhere via simple Web-based Online VNC Viewer.

Online PR News – 06-September-2012 – Krasnoyarsk, Russia – Remote access to a desktop usually requires a server part installed to the monitored computer and a client part installed to another computer. This, however, often means a user needs to be able to install applications on the given computer, and that is not always the case. Online VNC Server takes advantage of the "thin client" technology. While the server part is installed as usual and operates similarly to that kind of software, Online VNC Viewer is a platform-independent application working via browser and therefore requiring nothing but Internet connection and Flash support. Despite being a cross-platform browser-run client, the program features the complete set of functions a user would expect from a remote desktop control product: proper handling of SAS shortcuts (Ctrl+Alt+Del, Ctrl+Esc etc), Lock or Logoff operations, host blacklists, desktop sharing support and so on.

The unique capability of Online VNC Server is server-side scaling of the desktop screen. This option results in drastic reduction of traffic between the server and the client and thus provides prompt operation of the viewer without lags or hang-ups even at low-end or mobile devices and via slow connection.

The program is 100% compatible with RFB protocol and thus can work with any third-party client. And thanks to the support for unlimited number of inbound connections, Online VNC Server is ideal for remote conferencing and online presentations. "Online VNC Server works equally well at home, say for simple remote administration of a computer or for parental advisory, and in huge corporate networks with hundreds of computers", says Richard Mendoza, a product manager at Online VNC Solutions.
Pricing and availability
Online VNC Server is free. The program consists of two modules: the server part and the viewer. The viewer is a Flash application that doesn´t require installation and works under any OS including Windows, Linux and Max OS X.


Online VNC Solutions was founded in 2011 and since then has been providing Internet and connectivity software products of constant quality. The flagship product of the company is Online VNC Server - a free Virtual Network Computing program with full-scale remote desktop control capabilities.

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