The 25th birthday of Attrezzeria Veneta, company specialized in industrial automation
5 September 2012
2013 is going to be an important year for Attrezzeria Veneta: next year the Venetian company, which has its seat in Piazzola sul Brenta, indeed, will celebrate its first 25 years of activity. Founded in 1988, Attrezzeria Veneta has grown with the passing of time, still remaining a benchmark in the field of dies construction for sheet metal processing and of production of automated systems of the sector. An important goal for the venetian company, which in these 25 years has succeeded in keeping pace with the times choosing to use more and more modern and innovative technologies. To realize its equipments Attrezzeria Veneta uses the latest design and manufacturing technologies (3D processing H-speed, CNC, EDM, CAM, CAD, and so on), and automations are managed with programmable PLC. All the plants are certified according to the European laws. Attrezzeria Veneta takes care over its customers to find the best solutions, and it does so thanks to a modern technical office, and all the equipments are thoroughly tested before being delivered. These are the product categories offered by the company: block dies for cutting, bending, deep-drawing, coinage; progressive dies; mixed cycle dies (progressive + transfer); traditional transfer dies with separate stations; special transfer dies installed on a single basis; special plants with transfer integrated on the die, both “parallel” arms kind and “pick and place” suckers kind; plants for threading on die border; special machines; other products obtained with the company’s machines. A wide and complete offer, which works as an evidence of the experience and competence gained by Attrezzeria Veneta in these years, and which makes it a benchmark in the field of industrial automation and block dies for cutting, bending, deep-drawing and coinage. More information on the products and services offered by the company of Piazzola sul Brenta can be found on the website of Attrezzeria Veneta, which also gives you more details about the location of the seat and contact information. The appointment is for 2013, to celebrate the 25th birthday of Attrezzeria Veneta, a company with a long experience and which is able to look at the future, as evidenced by the use of the latest technologies in the design and manufacture of its products and the supply of its services. Attrezzeria Veneta Srl By Francesca Tessarollo Prima Posizione Srl – web marketing agency