Direct from Venice Announces New Autumn Murano Glass Necklace Designs

The Direct from Venice has just announced a new lineup of Murano glass necklace creations for this fall.

Online PR News – 05-September-2012 – Allen, TX – Venice Italy, (September 1, 2012) – The Direct from Venice has just announced a new lineup of Murano glass necklace creations for this fall. These new designs are highlighted by the Othello, a dramatic necklace, is created using a multitude of hand crafted glass pieces. The necklace includes triangular glassworks, oval translucent discs, black glass beads, and hundreds of tiny silver glass beadwork highlighting the bottom of the necklace.

The full lineup of fall creations pushes the handiwork of the Murano glassworkers to the maximum. What makes these pieces precious and collectible is the combination of handcraftsmanship and tradition. The glasswork artisans have been producing amazing glass jewelry in Murano for centuries. Their glassmaking tradition reaches back to the 9th century. Murano Italy has been the heart of the glass jewelry world since the 14th century when Italy’s most prized artisans were relocated to Murano.

The skills required to produce these amazing works or artistic jewelry has been handed down generation to generation for over one thousand years. You can see and feel the history of the art when you hold a Murano glass necklace in your hands or wear it around your neck.

The most stunning feature of the incredible designs and craftsmanship coming out of Murano is the price. The pieces in the fall collection average under $100. Even the high end wedding series averages under $150 making them an incredible value. The artisans for Murano even offer to work with your to create the perfect piece for your special occasions. They now allow you to send in a swatch of fabric which will be used in your outfit and they will match or create a piece which fits with it perfectly.

You will notice in the fall lineup how the influence of new artisans is impacting their business. You will find designs which hold the traditional appearance prized for centuries plus new creations which are modern and match current jewelry trends. You will see this trend in their lineup of bracelets, earrings, rings, in addition to their necklaces.

Italy is well known for high craftsmanship in leather, sports cars, but their glass artisans are one of their greatest treasures. You can learn more about the new autumn lineup of Murano glass necklace creations, rings, bracelets, and other items by using the contact information below.

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