Fitness Professional Online Launches their September Issue

Fitness Professional Online,the newest online hub for fitness professionals, trainers,and instructors, is pleased to announce its newest monthly issue.Featured is a review of the latest equipment, the secret to gaining and maintaing clients,strengthening exercises and more!

Online PR News – 05-September-2012 – Santa Barbara, CA – Fitness Professional Online is a growing website that strives to be the primary internet source for all fitness professionals, trainers, and instructors who want to learn the latest information and establish themselves in the industry. The newest September issue highlights the exclusive information that will be regularly featured on the site.
As the fitness and health markets continue to grow at an exponential rate, it is essential to stay ahead of industry trends. This especially applies to professionals who strive to make an impact on where the fitness industry is heading and create a name for themselves. Fitness Professional Online (FPO) is an up-and-coming website offering useful articles, products, forums, social networking, and business advice for fitness and health professionals around the world. FPO invites fitness professionals to utilize the site as an information and media outlet with the goal of expansion and staying ahead of the competition. The goal of FPO is to bring a voice to the people, allowing professionals to get their name further recognized and bringing exclusive knowledge and information to the curious consumer.
The newest September issue of FPO highlights the common topics surrounding the fitness industry today. In this issue, we have an exclusive review on the newest up and coming full body workout called Core Stix, Lori Kennedy enlightens us with the tools it takes to win a client over and make sure they leave telling all of their friends about you and Bill Poett tells us the key to success and happiness! In addition, this issue reveals tips to easily increase you social presence, exercises to strengthen your shoulders, and ways to improve your golf performance!
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