Samsung Monte Bar C3200 – Limited Features, Unlimited Sturdiness

The recent launch of Samsung Monte Bar C3200 shows the commitment of the company to produce highly affordable, yet sturdy handsets.

Online PR News – 16-March-2010 – – There is every sort of customer in the market, one who prefers style, sophistication, and complexity, and the other who loves plain, simple, and sturdy things in life. Mobile phone companies have realized the fact and can be witnessed working relentlessly in this direction. The fundamental remains to cater to every sort of customer.

The latest release of Samsung Monte Bar C3200 mobile phone reiterates the intention of the Samsung to cater to every sort of mobile phone lover. The latest launch clearly indicates that the company is keen on manufacturing sturdy handsets, especially for those who love durability than anything else.

However, it does not mean that Samsung Bar C3200 lack the basic features, which forms the part of any good mobile phone.

As far as the shape of this mobile is concerned, it is wedge shaped handset that looks appealing. The contours of this phone has been coloured in orange that gives it a distinct look and feel. As the black colour represents durability, the frame has been painted with it to make it look long lasting. In fact, it is in actuality.

The viewing experience on this phone is comfortable enough as it comes with a 2” display screen. One of the very important features as far as this phone is concerned is its keypad, which appears comfortable in terms of usage. The large angular navigation key at the centre ensures that the finger maneuvers the phone without any hassles.

It has got everything. Be it GSM, Bluetooth, or USB connectivity, the phone is equipped with all the latest mobile phone features. Bluetooth comes with 2.1 version and USB 2.0 connectivity makes it even more worthwhile from user's point of view.

Weighing just 77 grams makes sure that the user enjoys it without burdening its pocket in terms of weight. The camera is 2MP with 176 x 144 pixels video capture resolution. It has a FM radio and a 3.5mm audio socket as well.