J. Hershey Architecture Announces New Condo Reserve Study Options

We provide high quality HOA, Capital, FHA and condominium association reserve studies for properties situated in Libertyville and throughout the Illinois.

Online PR News – 05-September-2012 – Libertyville, IL – J. Hershey Architecture, a full-service architectural firm, has today announced new condo reserve study options for planning and overseeing purposes.

Libertyville, Illinois (PRWEB) 11, June 2012 – J. Hershey Architecture, a full-service Illinois architectural firm, has today announced new condo reserve study options designed to provide greater convenience, understanding and planning capabilities for property management groups.

Condo reserve studies are vital considerations for any condominium property, whether they are garden-style condos or high-rise condominium developments. These detailed reports provide in-depth information relating to the property’s physical and financial condition, ensuring that the Board of Directors can make informed, accurate decisions regarding communal areas, amenities and structural considerations.

Each condo reserve study offered by J. Hershey Architecture is 100% customized to fit the property in question – every condo property is different, and the firm understands that a cookie-cutter approach simply does not work. In addition, the firm has debuted new service options for Boards of Directors seeking access to the most information possible, including modified reports such as transition studies, site plus clubhouse studies, architectural unit reviews, and more. J. Hershey Architecture is also proud to offer design and bid document services for repair work if such a need is present.

Additional services offered by the firm include building repair studies, construction monitoring, roof assessments, wall cladding issues, structural issues and many others.

J. Hershey Architecture has the construction expertise required to provide an accurate physical analysis, as well as a detailed, precise financial analysis of any condominium property and is an active member of the Community Associations Institute, as well as the Association of Condominium Townhome and Homeowner Associations.

To learn more about J. Hershey Architecture or to arrange for a condo reserve study for your property, visit the firm at http://www.JHersheyArchitecture.com.

About J. Hershey Architecture: John M. Hershey is the President of J. Hershey Architecture and takes a personal hand in all of the firm’s dealings, from design to client interaction and more. The firm remains dedicated to providing clients with the utmost in terms of excellent service and improving the built environment in a sustainable manner. J. Hershey Architecture is passionate, dedicated and committed to the environment, the greater community and each client served.

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