Addiction Treatment Consulting Service Announces Free eBook Downloads Via Website

Get Off Meds, an addiction treatment consulting service is offering free eBook downloads on its newly revamped website,

Online PR News – 05-September-2012 – Los Angeles, CA – Get Off Meds, an addiction treatment consulting service is offering free eBook downloads on its newly revamped website,

At Get Off Meds they help people find the right treatment to overcome prescription drug addiction. With a staff that is knowledgeable about treatment protocols and that dedicate themselves to individualized consultation with all those who seek treatment and advice, Get Off Meds is helping thousands beat the scourge of prescription drug addiction.

Now, Get Off Meds is offering these informative eBooks that deal with prescription drug addiction free on their website. These eBooks are for sale on and, but anyone can download them free by The staff there feel that it is very important for anyone dealing with prescription drug addiction or helping those who are dealing with it to understand as much as they can about the topic and to be able to access the best information.

The following important eBooks are available free exclusively from Get Off Meds:

* Drug Overdose Signs and Symptoms – This book contains a list of overdose symptoms for top-selling prescription drugs and put them in an easily understandable form. With close to 50% of Americans taking at least one prescription drug daily it's important to know signs and symptoms of overdose. Having this information readily available and easy to understand could save a life.

* Addictive Prescription Drugs – With prescription drug addiction and abuse at an all-time high and deaths caused by prescription drugs far outnumbering those from illicit drug use in many states it is more important than ever that we learn all we can about the medications we have been prescribed, especially those that can become habit-forming. Read this book and help yourself and those you love.

* Insomnia Drugs – Insomnia drugs are widely prescribed and carry with them some very special and important FDA warnings. This booklet gives you those vital warnings as well as side effects and overdose symptoms of the drugs most frequently prescribed for sleep problems.

* Antidepressants – Patients and caregivers deserve to have the necessary information about antidepressants to make an intelligent decision regarding whether to take or continue taking these medications. This book includes the side effects, overdose symptoms, withdrawal symptoms, important warnings and adverse reactions connected with antidepressant drugs. Also included is over 500 term glossary.

Accessing these important eBooks is very simple for anyone interested. Individuals can visit and download this information for free. The site also offers visitors the chance to request a free drug report detailing the issues involved with any drug they might be concerned about.

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