Successful Female Criminal Lawyer from the Twin Cities

There aren’t many female criminal lawyers and among the few that are there, Judith Samson is an exceptional Minneapolis criminal lawyer. Information about her services can be found at

Online PR News – 17-February-2009 – – Minneapolis, MN - Judith Samson, the most successful Minnesota criminal lawyer is known for her aggressive approach in defending her clients. Her aggressive approach comes as a surprise to many who are just used to male lawyers in this field. Many clients find it easy to confide in her as she takes a compassionate approach to dealing with her clients, which is rare and considered inappropriate by many. Judith Samson knows that every client who approaches her has undergone some kind of trauma both physically and mentally. Dealing with such people with compassion can never be out of place. Though she takes a compassionate approach with her clients, she is in no way soft or naïve in the courtroom. She is one of the most aggressive Minnesota criminal lawyers.

She represents her clients throughout the twin cities, Minnesota and Minneapolis. This Minneapolis criminal lawyer has over 10 years of experience. She has been in this field since 1999. Her vast experience in dealing with various types of criminal lawsuits has sharpened her skills. To be successful a Minneapolis criminal lawyer one needs to be highly experienced; along with experience one should also be intelligent.

The number of criminal lawsuits won by Judith Samson shows her dedication towards her clients and her abilities to defend them. She deals with all types of criminal lawsuits including Assault, Domestic Assault, DUI/DWI, Theft, White Collar Crimes, Drug Charges, Traffic Tickets, Sex Crimes, Juvenile Law, Burglary & Kidnapping, Federal Crimes, Probation Violations, Criminal Law FAQ, Expungement and Personal Injury. Judith Samson believes that people’s life does not have to end socially just because they have been charged with criminal offense. She has helped several people to get out of the clutches of law and begin all over again.

She also believes that not everyone who has been charged with criminal offense is tough as we might expect them to be; most of them are frightened to death. They not only need reliable legal support, they also require strong moral support and that is what Judith Samson offers to her clients as a Minnesota criminal lawyer and as a Minnesota DWI lawyer.

Judith Samson has been consistent in winning the lawsuits she handles and some of the recent cases in which she has been successful include the following.

One of her clients with an extensive criminal history was charged with domestic assault. Through her careful representation, the client was not convicted and the case was resolved with a continuance for dismissal for one year.

As a successful DWI lawyer she recently got the Court dismiss the charges on DWI against her client.

Another client of Judith Samson was charged with second-degree felony and third degree assault in Scott County and the client was proved not guilty.

Judith Samson is also equally aggressive when it comes to lawsuits on criminal sexual conduct. One of her clients from Hennepin County who has been charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct was proved not guilty.

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