Makani Networks Launches Smart Distributed DNS Services

Makani Networks launches MakDNS - one of the world's smartest Distributed DNS service

Online PR News – 04-September-2012 – September 5, San Francisco CA – Makani Networks has launched MakDNS – one of the smartest Distributed DNS service available in the planet today.

MakDNS offers a fresh new approach to building and deploying intelligent global-scale domain name-based services. At its core, MakDNS offers a highly-scalable highly-redundant authoritative global DNS infrastructure enabling state-of-the-art DNS features including geographical load balancing services, geo-directional Internet Protocol traffic control and transparent traffic redirection and management services, industry's first and fastest name-based server auto-failover and auto-recovery, industry's first name-based 'stealth' hot-standby, location-aware Georecords, IP-based remote server and service monitoring and email/SMS alert and notification services, plus an IPv6-enabled and DNSSEC compliant Distributed DNS infrastructure. All of the these technically advanced next-generation DNS services are already available with MakDNS.

MakDNS deploys smart DNS servers at some of the most strategic locations around the globe. These DNS servers are hosted either in tier-1 or tier-2 data centers offering highly-redundant multi-gigabit network connectivity. This global DNS infrastructure spanning three continents offers a geographically distributed multi-master multi-slave fully synchronized DNS architecture enabling quick DNS resolution times, supporting very low DNS TTLs (Time-to-Live) and capable of handling more than 10 billion unique DNS queries per day.

The launch of the MakDNS service closely follows the news of Makani Networks' server infrastructure expansion in Europe and in Asia primarily intended for the deployment of its next-generation wide-area services on a global scale.