MED-Q Pillbox is the new "Benchmark Pillbox" for pill dispensers and pill organizers.

MED-Q is an "All-In-One" pill box that functions as a pill dispenser, pill organizer and pill reminder all rolled up in one.

Online PR News – 04-September-2012 – Phoenix, AZ – Phoenix, AZ, September 04, 2012 -- Finally a Pill Box that is more than just a pill organizer. Typically a pill box has been nothing

more than a container that marks the days of the week, Med-Q, the new kind of pill dispensers and pill organizers and pill timer

beautifully designed in one simple to operate unit. The MED-Q pill dispenser is the solution to forgetting or double dosing.

An electronic pillbox that is programmable is a much needed tool for reducing medication management errors. Non-Compliance is the

medical term for "making errors when taking your prescription medication properly as ordered by your physician" How big of a problem is

this? The Wall Street Journal calls it," America's other Drug Problem". How much impact does it cause, "Over 125,000 premature deaths

each year."

MED-Q is the 21st century solution to this problem. A pill organizer that reminds you with two different distinct alarms to make errors

impossible. One simply sets the programmable times and the MED-Q takes over from there.

Alarm 1
A bright red LED light that lights up ONLY the individual compartment of pills to be taken. Simplicity at it's best means no one will

accidently take the wrong pills from the wrong compartment.

Alarm 2
A loud electronic beeping. The alarm starts soft and continues to get louder until the user has taken his or her medication.

To assist in error free medication disbursement, neither alarm stops until the pill has been taken and the next alert has been

activated. This new pill dispenser can help eliminate the physical and financial consequences from Non-Compliance. "The testimonials

from happy customers keep coming", say Troy Holbrook, Regional Manager. Every thing from " Just what I need for my Mom" to, "I have

stayed on my aspirin regiment for over 6 months and counting"

If you would like to see the MED-Q in action, watch the free video at or on You Tube at MEDQPILLBOX.


Troy Holbrook
Regional Manager
MED-Q Pill Dispenser
Phoenix, AZ 85086
602 488 4099