MilitaryFriends Launched a New Feature -- Latest Activity

In order to improve the site and make it more convenient for people to know the latest activities about members on the site, MilitaryFriends launched the new feature, named Latest Activity.

Online PR News – 04-September-2012 – Toronto – As the first and best military dating site to provide military dating service for military singles and admirers in the world, MilitaryFriends still continuously improves their own even though it has provided services for military singles and military friends for more than 11 years. The suggestions from members on the dating site were considered by the site, and the site improved and will continue to improve its services according to the reasonable suggestions and complains from its members. Meanwhile, the site is also improved based on the innovation concept. Well, that is what we will talk about today.

MilitaryFriends announces that a new feature, named Latest Activity, was launched in August. It is more convenient for members to know the latest statuses of other members, and the system can automatically show members’ latest statuses to other members in a more direct way.

It is easy for us to find the "Latest Activity" after logging onto the site, and it is placed on the My account/Home page. You can find it on the left and at the bottom of the page. Just click it on the left of the page or click "More" at the bottom of the page and you will find many latest activities of members on the dating site.

What can we learn from Latest Activity?

The members who upload their new photos will be displayed here, including the uploaded photos.

The members who show their like to the other members' photos will be shown here, including the other member's photos which this member likes. And any other "like" to members profile, such as like somebody's first date idea, etc.

In fact, more information can be listed here; however, it is better for you to know more on MilitaryFriends.

MilitaryFriends Supervisor said, "We will continue to improve our site, and we will adopt the suggestions which are from our members or visitors as long as the suggestions are reasonable and enforceable." He continued, "We hope that people can continue to use our site to look for friendship or other relationships in a more human, convenient and comfortable way."

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