(Baltimore,MD) March 15, 2010 Fred Liebau of Bulwark Software Inc. stresses the need for id protection software

Whenever you save personal information on your PC or Mac, you want to know that everything is private and protected-and the level of your computer’s security determines the strength of the deadbolt for your computer's front door.

Online PR News – 16-March-2010 – – Most casual PC users are unaware of how dangerous the Internet can be. Without the proper knowledge and protection, you could be just a few simple keystrokes and clicks away from having your identity stolen.Someone who has their identity may not even become aware of it for months or even years, until his credit has been destroyed with thousands of dollars in fraudulent id theft.

Using identity theft software will assist in preventing identity theft- one of the most reported crimes in the United States. With rapid advances in technology, today’s identity theft software can protect you from unauthorized individuals accessing your financial information to open new credit accounts, withdrawal funds from your bank accounts, fraudulently file tax returns in your name or in the name of your company ID thieves frequently use spyware and viruses to secretly steal confidential information from computers.

"Installing an identity theft software application that regularly monitors and blocks your system from viruses, adware, spyware and other activity that could compromise your confidentiality will help in prevent you from being a victim of ID theft," says Fred Liebau CEO of Bulwark Software Inc. When you take precautions to protect your identity, it becomes harder for an identity thief to completely destroy your financial standing.

About Bulwark Software Inc.
Bulwark Software Inc. is a leader in Software Development Industry. Their continuing innovation has kept them at the leading edge of the Identity Protection industry for over 8 years. Bulwark Software's product line consists of digital protection and privacy software for both business and personal use. Bulwark Software Inc. is headquartered in Baltimore, MD.