Doctors Improving Healthcare's CEO, Beau Golob Initiates Successful Marketing Contract With NBC

Beau Golob Instrumental In Leveraging Innovative Marketing And Promotional Achievements For Patients, Doctors And Dentists In The San Francisco Bay Area

Online PR News – 04-September-2012 – San Francisco, California – SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. – AUGUST 30, 2012 - Doctors Improving Healthcare’s Founder and President, Beau Golob was instrumental in his goal of improving healthcare for Americans, with the creation of a groundbreaking promotional partnership with NBC geared towards SF Bay Area residents in 2010.

Mr. Golob was key in implementing a new innovative approach to the promotion of Doctors and Dentists in the San Francisco Bay area through various key marketing partnership initiatives. Specifically, Golob’s successfully implemented the original and strategic concept of making an agreement deal with NBC, which allowed for Doctors to be filmed and featured in special local NBC affiliate television commercials during the Today Show as well as the Olympics and the Giants Baseball season. Golob was also instrumental in his efforts by establishing several grass roots-related events throughout the Bay Area. These grass roots oriented events additionally promoted the company’s Book Healthcare website and The Today Show special promotions, thus making it much easier for local San Francisco patients to find and gain better access to the best healthcare providers in the area.

It is Beau Golob’s ultimate goal and vision to create and initiate programs, services and platforms that will collectively help in aiding Americans with the most effective and best possible healthcare experience and process possible. To create ways to equip patients with the tools to find the best health care provider for them and their specific needs. Golob’s success by implementing the NBC promotional marketing deal for patients and Doctors in the bay area was just one of many since, that has been crucial in the support of offering a better process of uniting Doctors and patients and making the healthcare process more accessible, convenient and beneficial for all.

More About Beau Golob
Before starting BookHealthcare, Beau Golob worked as a Senior Account Manager at CBS/ Viacom Infinity Broadcasting where he focused on Technology and Healthcare accounts. Prior to that he worked at Clear Channel Communications as a National Account Manager for the San Francisco Broadcasting Market, where he was instrumental in developing successful marketing promotions for key clients and known brands.

About Doctors Improving Healthcare
Doctors Improving Healthcare is a company dedicated to creating an online arena with services structured towards creating and enabling an easier and more accessible healthcare process for providers and patients, with the goal of finding valuable solutions to assist in healing the healthcare crisis and issues across America.