Forte Consultancy Group Wraps Up Its Marketing Analytics Academy

Forte Consultancy Group has announced the completion of its Marketing Analytics Academy.

Online PR News – 04-September-2012 – Istanbul – Istanbul, September 03, 2012

Forte Consultancy Group, the preeminent provider of analytics-driven marketing and sales consultancy services in the EMEA region, today announced the completion of its Marketing Analytics Academy.

The Academy, which ran for a period of eight weeks, was a first of its kind in Turkey. Initially conceptualized by Forte Consultancy Group’s Analytics Division Partner Berkin Ozmen, the program was designed to develop the best and brightest graduates from select universities in Turkey around gaining core business analytics skills. “We realized that the academic curriculum in universities across Turkey was not sufficient in or effective at preparing students to enter the world of consulting, in particular around data mining and analytics. So we decided to take things into our own hands.”

The first step was to determine the objectives of the Academy. “We wanted to set up something which would allow us to take fresh college graduates and equip them with the necessary tools so they could hit the ground running,” said Mr. Ozmen. The content was then prepared, with the Academy set to run over the course of eight weeks. The key training areas were around marketing analytics concepts and tactics (with a particular focus on the telecommunications sector), corporate acquisition, sales, and retention practices, data mining tools, data preparation, and ultimately, analytics modeling.

The next step was to find the right attendees. “We recruited from six or seven of the country’s best universities, with significant time and effort put into attending career fairs and promoting the Academy,” said Ayse Ozden, Forte Consultancy Group’s Director of Human Resources.” “We received over 300 applications and ended up choosing the nine best candidates for the program.”

Through a variety of classroom and hands-on trainings, case tasks, and individual as well as group assignments, the nine attendees have now successfully completed the Academy (several of which will be joining Forte Consultancy Group on a full-time basis). “Though an extensive and exhaustive effort, we believe it was well worth the effort. Each and every one of the attendees has exceeded my expectations by fully embracing what we tried to teach them,” said Mr. Ozmen, and added “they are ready, in my opinion, to tackle analytics-related consulting assignments.”

The overwhelming success of the program has already prompted the company to prepare for next year’s version. “We definitely will be doing this again,” said Mr. Ozmen, adding “we may mix things up a bit next time by changing the timing and content of the program, but for sure there will be a 2013 Marketing Analytics Academy.”

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