New Website BecuzIGotHigh, Funniest Personal High Stories/Experiences on the Internet!

A website that invites users to share their funny personal high stories/experiences.

Online PR News – 16-March-2010 – – is a newly launched website that let's users share their funniest high stories/experiences with others from all around the world.

Users get the opportunity to read other funny stories as well as rate the stories (good high or bad high) and comment on the story.

The site is preparing for many contests in the near future where users with the most popular story will get a chance to win free prizes.

With many ideas to come, Becuz I Got High is a site destined to gain massive visitors in the months to come.

If you enjoy getting high and have a funny personal story/experience, Becuz I Got High is the #1 spot on the internet to submit your experience to.

Similar to the popular, is quickly gaining popularity and becoming known as the funniest personal high stories website on the internet!

Becuz I Got High launched on February 2010 and has already seen an increase in daily traffic.

The owners expect to come out with a book with the websites funniest stories/experiences in the upcoming months along with their own personal cookbook.

Users have the opportunity to submit their ideas,suggestions, and feedback to the website so that it can continue to grow into one of the biggest social networking sites today.

For more information you can contact the owners of BIGH at

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