P.I. Publications, Inc. Releases the Autobiography of Mama Sarah Obama A New Book By Daphne Barak

Whether we like President Barack Obama or not this book is the ultimate account which gives us the direct access to his roots, his extra-ordinary story, his DNA.

It answers a simple question, being asked daily: "Who Is Barack Obama?"

Online PR News – 03-September-2012 – New York, New York – This is the auto biography of a woman who has inspired one of the biggest stories of our times. A woman who had a big dream and wanted to get an education but was not allowed. She pushed her son, instead. The dream was completed by her grandson. Many wrote about her and speculated about her family's history. For the first time, Sarah Obama is telling the Obama family story, in her own words.

In this autobiography, written by Daphne Barak, and published by P.I. Publications, Sarah:
- discusses the family's Muslim religion for the last generations, in detail
- talks about her bright son, Barack Sr., who shared her big dream and almost achieved it
- reveals for the first time the letters, between them & the parents of pregnant Ana, (President Obama's mother)
- raises the gap between two cultures on issues like bigamy and polygamy
- makes it clear, that Barack Sr. had a big influence on his little son, Barry, (President Obama's nickname)
- says Barack Sr. was vocal on third world issues: anti colonialism, corruption...
- is honest about painful facts involving alcoholism and violence against women, in her family
- tells, how her beloved grandson, the president of the U.S., has been asking for her blessing before every crucial decision he made
- is also telling incredible anecdotes, involving Moammar Gaddafi, Darfur-Sudan, Teddy Kennedy, George Bush and many others.

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