WAITO Foundation is organizing International Symposium combating counterfeiting

The WAITO Foundation is organizing an international symposium next November on illicit trafficking and Counterfeiting-crime in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. For more details contact...

Online PR News – 03-September-2012 – Canton of Geneva – In November 2012, the WAITO Foundation is organizing an International Symposium in Beijing on combating counterfeiting

Combating counterfeiting is essential in protecting consumers

The WAITO Foundation and its regional centre in Beijing, the Research and Studies Centre on Counterfeiting-crime© (RS3C), in partnership with the Chinese Food Safety Legislation Research Centre, will organize an international symposium next November on illicit trafficking and Counterfeiting-crime© in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.
From 17 to 19 November 2012, leading Chinese* and international experts will participate in the event organized by the WAITO Foundation. The food and agriculture and the pharmaceutical sectors will be at the heart of debates during the symposium on "Counterfeiting-crime© prevention and deterrence policies in the food and pharmaceutical sectors".

Over these three days, participants will consider the serious global consequences of counterfeiting for public health and safety and the experts present will work together to draw up concrete technical-legal measures to address this problem.

According to a report published by the World Health Organization in 2010, counterfeiting is thought to affect approximately two billion individuals in the world every year. The international community now clearly recognizes that the illicit trafficking of non-compliant medicines and counterfeit consumer products is responsible for injuries, poisoning and a large number of deaths!

Combating counterfeiting: an issue of vital importance for consumer protection
This alarming state of affairs calls for international researchers and stakeholders to engage in political, economic, scientific and legal action for the progress of our societies. China, at the centre of the rapid rise in counterfeit trafficking, has for a long time taken measures to protect consumers against Counterfeiting-crime©. The Beijing Symposium will provide an opportunity to officially inaugurate the first Chinese Research and Studies Centre on Counterfeiting-crime© in Beijing, the RS3C.

The RS3C and the WAITO Foundation's international network of criminologist forms a new academic and scientific structure sharing a common mission. This symposium will be the first stage in a close collaboration between public authorities and civil society in China. Politicians and experts will exchange their experiences and points of view on counterfeiting worldwide, and will propose concrete solutions to address this problem.
At the end of these 3 days, the symposium participants should be able to put forward practical recommendations to address trafficking problems in the food and agriculture and the pharmaceutical sectors in China and in their exports. Through the discussions, the participants will also consider the role of organized crime in mass counterfeiting activities and the prevention and deterrence policies to be applied to staunch this haemorrhage.

This international event, of great importance in combating illicit trafficking, aims to address the need for a comprehensive vision of issues of national security and public health. This event will provide a forum for a necessary interdisciplinary dialogue between international stakeholders able play a role in combating counterfeiting; this includes public authority representatives, regulators, State agencies, customs officials, police agents, legal experts, criminologists, members of parliament, leading producers, consumer associations and NGOs.