Zamorano University Meets With Honduran Council of Private Enterprise

Visit cements the relationship between Zamorano and the Honduran Council of Private Enterprise (COHEP)

Online PR News – 03-September-2012 – Tegucigalpa, Honduras – Tegucigalpa, Honduras, September 03, 2012 -- Leading agricultural university, Zamorano, held productive and encouraging talks with the President of the Honduran Council of Private Enterprise (COHEP), Ms. Aline Flores. The visit cemented the relationship between the institutions and discussed the current scholarship system.

Gerencia de ComunicacionesDr. Cuevas García encouraged COHEP to make Zamorano a strategic partner and take advantage of the University’s internationally renowned scientists with outstanding track records in many fields.

The COHEP President agreed that Zamorano is an ideal institution for research studies and emphasized the importance of the university’s research, innovation and continuous streamlining of its educational process and alumni relations. Ms. Flores expressed her pleasure at working with such a prestigious institution.

“I know Zamorano’s structure and strong academic values, such as discipline, and responsibility,” said Ms Flores. “It is important to encourage young people to study agronomy because without food production there is no life.”

Zamorano thanked Ms. Flores for the donation of a vehicle to be used to transport students.

About Zamorano University
Zamorano is an international agricultural university serving Latin America. Based in Honduras, Zamorano teaches the responsible management of natural resources, rural development and global competitiveness. Established in 1942, its unique programs combine solid academic teaching with practical knowledge and experience creating well-rounded graduates. With alumni from 29 different countries, Zamorano offers comprehensive tertiary education and world-class research in agriculture.

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