Sound engineer Alan Parsons speaks out on his past music career and current projects.

Legendary sound engineer Alan Parsons speaks to about first gigs, current projects, and future plans.

Online PR News – 02-September-2012 – New York – LONG ISLAND, NY (August 28, 2012) – Alan Parsons, is the well-known sound engineer who received his start in the music industry helping work on The Beatles' Let it Be and Abbey Road albums. From there he became a Grammy-nominated engineer for his work on Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.

In a recent interview with, Parsons spoke about his first big gigs, who he is working with now, and the current state of the music market.

“I was essentially interning at that time,” Parsons said. The very first encounter was on the Let it Be album and I was set down to the Beatles' own studio in central London. It was just a new assignment through my employment. It was all through EMI, which was the company that owned Abbey Road studios.”

Parsons has gone on to garner more Grammy nominations, work with many musicians, and even put out his own work under The Alan Parsons Project, during his long, illustrious career.

Parsons explains his experience with The Alan Parsons Project.

“I was not really considered a musician on The Alan Parsons Project. I was really a producer. I did some performing and I was certainly involved in the music composition. It wasn't really such a huge change. We had a lot of good sets and I was always grateful for that. I was pleasantly surprised with each release that we continued to put out,” explains Parsons.

Parsons said he has no plans for a solo album but won’t discard and eponymous EP.

“I have no plans to release anything under my own name. It's just production and engineering stuff for now, but I think there might be an EP with my name on it. I've actually got two tracks ready to go and if we just do one more, we might have an EP. It's a very different market these days. You don't have to make an album anymore since people only download one tune. I think we'll try to focus on one song and put out an EP.”

Parsons has much more exciting news to tell, like for example how he feels about the state of music today compared to when he first started out.

Parsons says, “There used to be a time when people would go and pick up their shiny new vinyl record and take it home and turn down the lights. They would listen to the whole thing from start to finish. There's too many distractions in this day to do that. It also seems that high fidelity sound has been quietly forgotten. We're all listening to ear buds on iPhones and MP3s and digital downloads. There's still the audiophiles who understand what hi-fi is, but people are listening to music on laptops. It's criminal. They think laptop speakers are good enough.”

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