"What Is the Change in 2012 Asking of Us" with Mikkal on September 4 Why Shamanism Now Radio Show

Streaming live on the Co-Creator Radio Network on Tuesday, September 4, at 11 a.m. Pacific time/2 p.m. Eastern time, on her show "Why Shamanism Now?: A Practical Path to Authenticity,” shaman and founder of the Last Mask Center for Shamanic Healing Christina Pratt and her gu

Online PR News – 01-September-2012 – September 01, 2012, Charlotte South Carolina – In this episode of “Why Shamanism Now?” titled “What is the Change in 2012 Asking of Us?” -- Part 1 of a two-part series exploring how we transform a global crisis into a global shift -- Pratt and Mikkal, author of Jung and Shamanism in Dialogue, discuss what the great and compassionate thinkers of our time are saying. In their own way, each confirms the need for a heart-open and earth-honoring shift in the way we all live all parts of our lives. Mikkal is director of Crows Nest International, Centers for Shamanic Studies in the U.S., France, Belgium, and South Africa. He is a Jungian scholar, clinical psychologist, and international shamanic teacher. Mikkal is also trained in both North and South American shamanisms, undergoing a 14-year initiation and apprenticeship with Cherokee medicine woman Ai Gvhdi Way and an eight-year initiation with Iachak don Alverto Taxo.

Christina Pratt is an authentic, non-traditional contemporary shaman. In practice since 1990, she specializes in mending the soul and transforming the parts of life that feel impossible. A teacher of exceptional clarity, humor, and inspiration, Pratt brings the power of shamanism into the practical grasp of anyone willing to take responsibility for improving the quality of their life. Her well-received book, An Encyclopedia of Shamanism (Rosen), is an 800-page, two-volume set with over 750 in-depth entries that clearly discuss the basic concepts of shamanism, methods, and traditions of over 50 different shamanic peoples. Pratt is the founder of the Last Mask Center for Shamanic Healing in Portland, OR, and New York, NY, creator of the original Foundations of Shamanism and Shamanic Healing course at the University of Minnesota, and a frequent and honored speaker for the American Holistic Medical Association.

C. Michael Smith, Ph.D., (aka Mikkal) is an internationally recognized pioneer in the synthesis of Jungian psychology and Shamanic Healing. His most widely known book is “JUNG AND SHAMANISM IN DIALOGUE: Retrieving Soul / Retrieving the Sacred.” Mikkal’s teachings are a synthesis of shamanic principles, learned from inner and outer teachers, and the principles of Jungian and archetypal psychology. These teachings are a heart-centered shamanism offering skills that cultivate the daily expression of Spirit and the spirit-helpers through the heart, the absolute core of our being and of a life. Mikkal’s training and apprenticeship programs and the intentional heart-centered and earth-honoring shamanic communities that have grown around them in France, Belgium, and South Africa, are known collectively as Crows Nest International. At Crows Nest Center for Shamanic Studies, his home base in Michigan, Mikkal conducts his U.S. based workshops, retreats, and individual apprenticeship intensives, and sponsors an annual Wounded Healer Wilderness Quest on South Manitou Island in Lake Michigan. Mikkal will be a featured speaker in July 2012 at the 8th International Amazonian Conference on Shamanism, in Iquitos, Peru. He is also in the private practice of psychology (Jungian and transpersonal psychotherapy). www.crowsnestshamanism.com, www.cmichaelsmith.com

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