Phoenix Body Shops Give 1.2 Million Back To Customers

Body Shops in Phoenix, Glendale and Scottsdale have been quietly helping their customers get quality auto body repairs on their vehicles in spite of financial (deductible) woes. Collectively, over 5 years, some Phx body shops focused on customers, not Insurance companies.

Online PR News – 02-September-2012 – Phoenix Arizona – Collision deductibles have slowly risen to incredible amounts from the past average of $250.00 to now $500.00 and much higher.

Some insurance companies have now moved the deductible requirements to as much as $1500.00. Although a higher deductible does lower insurance premiums, it leaves the unfortunate "claims" customer in an extremely ugly predicament.

Recognizing the need for flexibility, Phoenix body shop LG Collision began applying the "discount and concession" method insurance companies utilize through their "approved" body shops otherwise known as "DRPs" (direct repair shops) and giving the savings directly to the customer.

discount and concession

Most consumers are not aware they have a choice and do not have to go to a "recommended"or "preferred body shop the insurance company "suggests." Furthermore, they are not aware it's illegal for their insurance company to "steer" them to particular body shops.

Customers may not understand this could not only be harmful to their financial condition or dangerous to their safety if the vehicle goes un-repaired, but compromises their policy coverage as they continue to drive the damaged vehicle.

By taking advantage of waived deductibles from Glendale, AZ body shops, Scottsdale body shops or good Phoenix body Shops, all three problems can be eliminated immediately.

At least one of these Phoenix Metro area body shops has added services the insurance companies and other local body shops do not offer. These include: free mobile estimate at their home or work, free pick-up and delivery and an exclusive "transferable" lifetime warranty.

Shopping for the best body shops by "low price" (not cheap quality), good quality auto body repair, top services or convenience should be pursued only after checking with "experienced" family, friends or co-workers.

Customers can find Good Phx Body Shops, good Glendale, AZ body shops and good Scottsdale body shops that waive up to $1000.00 deductibles by a simple search on the internet or one's mobile phone.

Phoenix Body Shops that give money back to customers are available in all cities in the Phoenix metro area.

LG Collision Repair offers deductible assistance up to $1000.00, free mobile estimates and free pick-up and delivery throughout Phoenix Metro, Arizona. 33 years auto body and insurance claims handling experience.
BBB A+ Rating. I-CAR certified and Mercedes Benz trained.

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