High Position SEO Expands – Literally

Industry leaders High Position SEO have again bucked the trend of the credit crunch by expanding their offices.

Online PR News – 15-March-2010 – – Although times are hard in the UK economy and many businesses are thinking about contracting, Essex based company High Position SEO have expanded – literally.

With the almost constant influx of new staff in recent months, the office has felt a little cramped, with desks being squeezed onto the end of other desks and several staff members working on laptops. This is set to change shortly, however, as the company have bought out the office next door to them in Colchester’s Octagon building, and have just finished the process of knocking through the wall.

The work has been a little unsettling, with a few team members being temporarily moved around and plenty of noise from the drills, but now that the wall is down, all involved can see the extra space they’ll have to work in and the metaphorical light at the end of the tunnel.

Jamie Bennett, one of the companies team leaders had this to say: ‘This last year’s been great for High Position. I remember when we were working in an office smaller than my lounge with me on a laptop. The office we’re in now seemed huge when we moved here and now we’re having to make it bigger to accommodate all the new staff we’ve taken on. It’s a testament to the strength of our team and the work we do here that we’re able to do this in the current economy’.

With the company expanding both figuratively and literally, these are exciting times for High Position SEO staff members.

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