The True Facts About Fake Bake Revealed By Bodyshop4less

Many people have a misconception that fake bake lotion is something harmful to use. In common, some people think that tanning will damage the skin irreversibly. To know the real fact let’s have a chat with the skincare experts of Bodyshop4less.

Online PR News – 26-June-2009 – – Liverpool, Merseyside ( OnlinePrnews ) June 26, 2009 – “We are really proud to know that we are becoming one of the trusted skincare product suppliers in this planet. First of all, let’s say you a real fact that we have been supplying the sunless tanning products to our clients from around the planet and we haven’t received any complaints or reported side effects about the product. According to our experience in the skincare field, the fake bake lotion is the best product ever manufactured for safe sunless tanning. Many people out there claim that the fake bake products have many side effects. Till date there has been no harms reported to be caused by using fake bake lotion. In fact, many skincare specialties around the world recommend the use of fake bake lotion for effective sunless tanning” says Mr. Benedict Yossarian of Bodyshop4less (

Speaking on more details about Fake bake tanning lotion, Mr. Benedict Yossarian said, “For the moment of truth, fake bake tanning lotion will be effective and safe only if you use it according to the directions of use. Many people just ignore the directions of use of the fake bake lotion and they just pass false words that the product was not at all effective in sunless tanning. It is true that using fake bake lotion ignoring the directions of use will cause many damages to skin, out of which most of them will be irreversible damages. That is the reason why we ask our clients to read the instructions of use of the fake bake lotion carefully before they continue using the product. Once done properly you will be able to see that the fake bake lotion is a miracle that makes you look younger than ever before.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. Benedict Yossarian said, “The fake bake tanning lotion ( is very easy to use. All you have to do is to follow a three step process that includes Exfoliating, tanning and moisturizing. Once all the three steps are completed as per the instructions of use, you will look younger and charmer. This is not just a hype, these words are based on our customer feedback. We will certainly say that fake bake tanning lotion is 100% safe to use.”

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