Dreamsubmitting Chandigarh : Two new techniques to enhance SEO ratings and save money

Dreamsubmitting Chandigarh is professional internet marketing firm offering all kind of web promotion and search engine optimization solutions.

Online PR News – 16-March-2010 – – Dreamsubmitting Chandigarh introduces Social Media Optimization and Pay Per Click services along with linkages to boost your SEO ratings
Getting your company noticed on the internet in the presence of a multitude of companies already screaming for attention on the net, may seem to be a Herculean task. Every search engine optimization company is equipped with the best SEO writers who ensure that your company’s product gets the most traffic but still companies lose ratings. When you have already put in so much time, effort and labor in conceiving a design and getting a website ready for execution, it is imperative that you get a lot of traffic to bring your work to fruition.

Dreamsubmitting Chandigarh, already providing successful SEO services to many clients, now introduces new techniques to enhance the coverage and ensure success. Now you can increase the SEO ratings of your company and be the leader in the cyber world without having to spend millions on advertising. This SEO company has been constantly innovating and re – inventing itself and has recently added these two new services to further attract traffic to their clients’ websites and increase their clients SEO ratings amongst a host of other websites. Apart from SEO writing and link building services they now offer Social Media Optimization (SMO) and the Pay Per Click (PPC) management. The following are the two new techniques introduced by Dreamsubmitting.org to increase the number of people who visit your site and reign in e–commerce.

The first is called Social Media Optimization or SMO. SMO targets at linking the website content with the social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Hi5, Friendster, blogs and many more such sites, to bring in e–commerce and more monetary gains for the clients. Advertisements from different companies flash on the side panels of these social sites. Nearly every individual who is on any one or more of these social sites becomes the target audience for the company’s site and it increases the marketing avenues of the company. As the viewer-ship increases, so does the SEO ratings of the company.

The second is called Pay Per Click service or PPC. This service ensures that your company only pays when a person actually clicks on your site for information. This service has a two fold advantage. Firstly, you get to keep a track of how many persons have visited your site for how much you spent and thus you can keep track of exact ROI. Secondly, you get listed in top immediately, if the bid amount is kept optimum and campaign is designed t get maximum clicks. SEO gets you in top after sometime, but you pay for visits and get listed in top as soon as the campaign starts.

Both these techniques have been introduced by recently by Dreamsubmitting, with a new makeover (if you have not yet, visit dreamsubmitting.org and get a feel of the new look and improved services). Services provided by Dreamsubmitting.org also covers blog promotions, article writing and distribution and press release writing and distribution. They have a host of international SEO writers and marketing professionals with both the professional etiquette and skill to deliver the results in the most attractive way conceivable.