Wikiglobal Partners with Amatriy Consults for Dual SIM Android Phone Penetration in South Africa

Wikiglobal announced today its partnership with Amatriy Consults. Wikiglobal has become synonymous with trust, quality and reasonable prices. And now it aims to extend its reach into urban and rural South Africa by partnering with Amatriy Consults South Africa.

Online PR News – 31-August-2012 – JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 23rd April, 2011 – JOHANNESBURG, South Africa - Wikiglobal has delivered consistently in the field of communication by understanding the dynamically changing needs of the consumers and providing them with phones that suit their needs. And this time Wikiglobal presents to the consumers Android dual SIM phones which are designed for social citizens. With faster processing, multi- tasking and thousands of free apps, the new WIKI Droid is here to help simplify communication in South Africa.

“We are proud to be partnering with Amatriy as this will improve efficiencies and regional expansion” said Tonye Irims, Director Marketing & Strategy Wikiglobal. Wikiglobal is known for its customer friendly policies and no questions asked moneyback guarantee. Speedy delivery and excellent quality are its hallmark. While Wikiglobal will assure the consumers of quality controlled WIKI Droid devices, its South African brand partner Amatriy Consults will see to local licensing, receiving and dispatching the goods to their channel partners. Under the leadership of Prof. Amadi O. Ihunwo, this partnership promises to boost product distribution and channel management.

They offer their Android dual SIM phones in five variants. These Android dual SIM phones can hold two different service provider SIM cards with ease of operation. Users can switch between SIM of not only two different service providers but also local and international SIM cards. WIKI Droid understands the hectic lives of its users and gives them features from separating their social and business life with two SIM cards to setting them free from the hassle of carrying two phones; the WIKI Android dual SIM phone is a must have. The WIKI Droid operates on the latest Android versions which not only facilitate easy work process but also brings entertainment galore like watching television using the built in Android TV app.

The WIKI Droid is also just a click away at the Wikiglobal online store and so is the world of alluring Androids. Wikiglobal with Amatriy Consults aims to reach the South African cities and suburbs with its range of attractive Android dual SIM phones and turn the WIKI Droid into a household name.

About Wikiglobal

Wikiglobal is the leading provider of dual SIM phones and has consistently provided excellent products and services to its consumers over the years. With the recent partnership with Amatriy Consults, Wikiglobal is steadily moving towards creating a consumer base worldwide. With a dedicated team of professionals who understand consumer and market needs Wikiglobal is committed to designing quality telecommunication products at reasonably low prices without compromising on the quality.