Helping the Travel Industry Save Millions - Delta Airlines Gives WESSCO International Top Honor

Wessco returned from Atlanta, GA where the company were honored with Delta’s top award as 2008 Small Business of the Year.

Online PR News – 26-June-2009 – – (Los Angeles, CA) The next time you stay in a luxury hotel or fly on an airplane... almost anywhere in the world... you may be able to say thanks to Bob Bregman for the little things that made the trip even better. From the tiny salt and pepper shakers in First Class... to the branded skin care products in your hotel bathroom... to the cruise line tote bag... Bregman, founder of Los Angeles-based WESSCO International, has been an innovator for more than 30 years in the travel supply industry. “People don’t often think of the little things... like airline amenity kits...when they travel,” said Bregman. “Our job is to not only to think about those things... but to find ways to do a better job for airlines, hotels and cruise ships as everyone works towards doing more with less.”

Considered a leader in the industry, WESSCO International pioneered major innovations like “environmentally friendly” toiletry kits and branded skin care and shampoo products... saving the travel industry money and helping travelers have a more enjoyable travel experience. “With our latest contract, we helped Delta Airlines save over $1 Million. That took a great deal of planning and effort on our part,” said Bregman, recently returned from Atlanta, GA where he and his company were honored with Delta’s top award as 2008 Small Business of the Year. Another kudo for Bregman and WESSCO International came from Southwest Airlines. “We saved them about a million bucks, too,” said Bregman, “by working with them to change their plastic drink cups. It’s these small things that can make a big difference when it comes to travel industry profitability.”

WESSCO International is one of the few travel industry supplies to offer a full range of travel related products to all aspects of the travel industry - airlines, rail, hotels and cruise lines. WESSCO International can be reached at (310) 477-4272.

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About WESSCO International:

WESSCO International has been a leading supplier to the travel industry for over thirty years. Founded in 1979 in Los Angeles by Robert Bregman, WESSCO continues to provide a portfolio of products that are wide-ranging, innovative, made to specification, and delivered throughout the world.


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