Longmeadow Family Dentist on the Dangers of Mercury Fillings

According to a recent study, amalgam fillings may be dangerous to the environment and public health, says Dr. Vincent Mariano, a Northampton and Longmeadow family dentistry pro, and Dr. Lisa Emirzian, a Northampton, Amherst braces provider and cosmetic dentist.

Online PR News – 30-August-2012 – EAST LONGMEADOW, MASSACHUSETTS – EAST LONGMEADOW, MASSACHUSETTS- A study published in June claims alternative materials to silver amalgam may be better for public and environmental health.

The Health Care Research Collaborative of the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health, the Healthier Hospitals Initiative and Health Care Without Harm released the study titled "Mercury in Dental Amalgam and Resin-Based Alternatives: A Comparative Health Risk Evaluation," on June 13.

"It is dentists' responsibility to scrutinize the tools they use when treating patients," said Dr. Vincent Mariano, a Longmeadow family dentistry man and prosthodontics specialist. "They should also strive to look out for patients' oral and overall health while treating the problem at hand."

Dental practices have used silver amalgam for years. Composite fillings are now more commonly used because they bond better with teeth, and out of concern about mercury's side effects. Amalgam fillings can also cover up decay in X-rays. Composite fillings are natural-looking, metal-free and they can strengthen teeth.

Dr. Peter Orris, the study's co-author, reports that much of the environmental mercury burden is due to dental use of amalgam. Mercury fillings can also cause harm to fetuses' neurological development.

When amalgam fillings are stimulated, they release mercury vapors that can permeate cell membranes, then the blood-brain barrier, and eventually the central nervous system. Mercury transferred to these areas may create immunological, psychological and neurological problems.

Dental mercury doesn't just affect patients. Dental offices were the source of 50 percent of the mercury found in Publicly-Owned Waste Water Treatment Works in 2003, the study stated.

Fillings are used to fix worn, broken, cracked or decayed teeth. Composite fillings are composed of reinforced glass and plastic.

"Resin fillings aren't as dangerous for the environment and patients," said Dr. Lisa Emirzian, who offers Lumineers and braces at EMA Dental, her East Longmeadow braces practice. "Not only do they do their job just as long as amalgam fillings do, they help protect healthy tooth matter."

General dentists like Emirzian and Mariano are interested in patients' oral and overall health. Their patients take comfort in knowing their best interests are in mind and only the safest dental tools available for treatment are used.

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