Movies Insanity Launches Campaign for Sci-Fi Movies!

Press Release share News about launching of Sci-fi movies by The Website has recently launched a section of sci-fi movies to give user an option for more modren science fiction movies.

Online PR News – 31-August-2012 – usa – [] TThe USA based streaming online website has announced plans to promote sci-fi movies in a big way. The Watch sci-fi movies online campaign targets professionals, teens and college students.

The website plans to attract subscribers by adding more and more titles. It is also encouraging member feedback. Lots of trial movies can be tested by the potential movie buffs before freezing on the movie they want to watch.

According to the spokesperson of the website, “Members can login into their accounts and post comments on movies about the website. Members can also comment on TV programs and movie documentaries of this genre”.

There will be facility to watch movie and television program trailers. The website would stream sci-fi movies and sci-fi entertainment. The online forum will provide updates on the plot lines and upcoming episodes.

Sci fi movies got a boost in the new millennium with great stories and emerging technologies weaved more tales.

The genre boasts of fascinating movies with solid sci-fi plots. The main draw of Sci-fi movies has been the underlying intelligent concept. The ‘what-if’ idea inspires audiences to talk endlessly on forums about the finer points of the story. In Sci fi movies social traction and engagement comes from the story and concept. Sci-fi has the power to use the concept to run through other media to promote and engage audiences.

The Movies Insanity will also try to stream the entries of 11th Sci-fi London Film Festival. The website is hoping to leverage new media technology to seed the movies to an audience and get them talking about the films.

Some of the titles waiting to be added are The Abyss by James Cameron: Alien by Ridley Scott: Batteries Not Included by Matthew Robbins: Cocoon by Ron Howard: Battle Beyond the Stars by Jimmy T Murakami: The Black Hole by Gary Nelson: Cherry 2000 by Steve De Jarnatt: Close Encounters of the Third Kind & The Extra Terrestrial by Steven Spielberg: Contact by Robert Zemeckis: Sphere by Barry Levinson: Critters by Stephen Herek: Dark Star by John Carpenter

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