Support Section Helped Client To Know How To Convert Contacts From Excel To VCF

This release has been issued with the intension of informing users of Excel to vCard software regarding the help a client got via this tool to know how to convert contacts from Excel to VCF after support suggestion.

Online PR News – 30-August-2012 – Madrid – Gothenburg, Sweden, August 30, 2012: - Via this release, the company proudly informs about the help provided by one of the technical intellect support section member to a client who recently approached the support department to know how to convert contacts from Excel to VCF within a reliable and effectual procedure. The support department was approached a few days before the release was issued online and the user had enquired as to what was the procedure to convert XLS to VCF contacts file for which the support executive suggested the Excel to VCF file converter after asking the user about his preferred abilities for a satisfactory conversion of Excel to vCard file.
The support department chief was reported about the happening soon after the client purchased the application as well as got to know how to convert contacts from Excel to VCF file with the technical guidance provided by the support department execute. Meanwhile, the team was quite satisfied with the service provided by the team as it helped them gain one more satisfied client who also appreciated the application and its functionalities later on via testimonial post.
Whereas Evan Swans; the respective Director of Product Development department: “The technical help and guidance provided with sheer understandability by the support department’s technical executives has always been flabbergasting because they always did their best in making the severest of issues look small in the existence of our software solutions. This time, the guidance in operating Excel to vCard to convert Excel to vCard contacts has helped the company gain the satisfaction of one more user with an appreciative testimonial remarked at the service provided and also helped the user to discover the eased procedure to know how to convert contacts from Excel to vCard. Meanwhile, Mr. Cain is also deserving of the appreciation because, the executives under his leadership have gained such perfection in serving the users only via his guidance and thorough training.”