Dr. Venkatesh Now Performs Cost-Effective Rhinoplasty in Bangalore

Dr. M.S. Venkatesh, one of the leading cosmetic surgeons now conducts rhinoplasty at his Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Bangalore. He performs the surgery in his well-equipped operation theatre at cost-effective prices.

Online PR News – 30-August-2012 – Bangalore, Karnataka – Bangalore, India, 30 August 2012: Renowned for performing a wide range of cosmetic surgeries, Dr. M.S. Venkatesh is one of the leading cosmetic surgeons in Bangalore, India. The surgeon now performs rhinoplasty that reshapes deformed nose into a symmetrical and proportionate one. He performs the cost-effective surgery in his modern and world-class medical facility.

While discussing about the surgery, a senior associate working with Dr. Venkatesh commented, “Rhinolplasty or nose job can bring about the desired changes in one's personality and increase confidence level. It re drapes the nose in different ways to get a balanced shape and vibrant facial appearance.”

Three major techniques are used to conduct rhinoplasty are, Open technique, Closed technique and Delivery technique. In the open technique, the surgeon makes an incision across the columella, lifts the skin over the cartilage framework and then goes ahead with surgical changes. While on the other hand, in the closed technique the incisions are made inside the nose that is followed by pulling out cartilage and shaping the nose. However, in the delivery technique columella is not transacted and the cartilage is dissected out of the nose completely. The surgeon sculpts it under direct vision to give the desired nose shape.

The senior associate further added, “The closed technique takes lesser time as compared to the open procedure to conduct rhinoplasty. However, with the open technique the surgeon gets better access to reshape cartilage as well as nasal skeletal framework. With the growing demand of cosmetic procedures, many young individuals are seeking rhinoplasty in India.”

Dr. Venkatesh advices people to avoid gym, sports and exertion for a time period of three weeks post the cosmetic surgery. Results can be seen after 6 weeks to 6 months of rhinoplasty.

About Dr. M.S. Venkatesh:

Dr. M.S.Venkatesh is counted among the reputed plastic surgeons who have earned a name in the practise. Presently, he is associated as a professor of the Department of Plastic Surgery at a prestigious Medical College at Bangalore, India.

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