Pro Sports Wives Team Up With Dr. Kevin Fleming, Renowned Brain Expert, For Help With Concussions

The Professional Sports Wives Association teams up with world renowned brain expert, Dr. Kevin Fleming, to help spouses and families cope with brain concussions.

Online PR News – 05-September-2012 – Atlanta, Georgia – As the excitement builds to kick off the new NFL season, so does the risk and awareness of concussions resulting from the blows that shakes and rattles the brain inside the skull that can cause long-term disability for some players.

The Professional Sports Wives Association, a non-profit association that provides resources to peers in over 16 Pro Sports league, has commissioned Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D., Founder/CEO of a renowned neuroscience-based behavior change consulting firm called Grey Matters International, Inc., to develop a program to help athletes and families learn more and cope with the affects from brain concussions.

A concussion is a brain injury that occurs when the brain is shaken inside the skull, causing changes in the brain's chemistry, neuronal connections, and energy supply. When the skull and the brain within it are spun rapidly, the nerves or brain cells temporarily stop working properly. This interruption in normal brain cell activity leads to headaches, confusion, and other symptoms. The person may or may not lose consciousness.

My company is quite versed in dealing with folks who may have

"We’re tackling the brain concussion problem head-on with Dr. Fleming, so we can learn more and help our spouses long term," said Gena Pitts, Founder and Executive Director of the Professional Sports Wives Association, who co-host the Pro Sports Lives Radio Show with her husband, Mike Pitts, a former NFL player and 12 year veteran. The couple recently shared their own concerns of experiencing symptoms of brain concussions in a five-part in depth series in The Sporting News.

Still stunned by the sudden deaths of former team mates and peers in the NFL, Gena and Mike Pitts have hope that information and resources provided by Dr. Fleming can help families and athletes rehabilitate, and live without fear of playing sports or enjoying retirement after a pro career.

Dr. Kevin J. Fleming, who is trained in neuropsychology, and who has worked with clients that range from Fortune 100 CEOs, White House officials, professional athletes, and people with addictions, has a PhD in counseling psychology, and has spent the past 10 years working to refine the neuroscience of behavior associated with the brain.

"My company is quite versed in dealing with folks who may have "issues" that need addressing in fast, expedient way but who are averse to traditional psychotherapy or medication." Dr. Fleming says his work leads to some improvement in roughly 60 to 75 percent of patients.

Dr. Fleming’s neurotechnology has been involved with a pilot project concerning veterans returning from the Iraqi war who have reported an amazing 85 percent success rate in healing their brains. "I hope to do the same with pro athletes, and help their families so they can move from surviving to thriving, improve how they learn, and have their marriages and families saved," said Dr. Fleming.

"Our work with athletes concentrate on 3 core areas: healing post-concussive effects with our new neurotechnology and cognitive rehab plans; assisting in relationship effectiveness work with the partner and family for issues, off the field, and off the court, and developing one-on-one work with athletes around private adjustment, transition, or career development issues," Dr. Fleming explains.

Gena and Mike Pitts, the only pro sports couple to host a broadcast radio show in the country, hope through their Pro Sports Lives Radio Show on WAFS Biz 1190 AM at 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm EST, and their Association’s multi-media platform that includes the Pro Sports Lives Magazine, the group can give resources from Dr. Kevin Fleming, to help peers and families who have loved ones that play amateur or pro sports.

The Professional Sports Wives Association is a not-for-profit association that provides resources for families and peers in over 16 pro leagues in the sports and entertainment industry through a multimedia platform that includes the Pro Sports Lives Magazine and Radio Show, founded by Gena Pitts, wife of NFL Alumni, Mike Pitts, a former player and 12 year veteran.

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