New Bars Soaps Like Pure Shea Butter Are Now Offered At Bath Savvy

Bath Savvy is a website that provides quality bar soaps and pure Shea butter products in the bath and body industry.

Online PR News – 30-August-2012 – Ferndale, MI – If you are looking for quality Bar Soaps like the Pure Shea Butter bar soap, you can find these products at the Bath Savvy website. Bath Savvy has been producing quality bathroom related products for several years. They are committed to excellence and they have a wide selection available in just about every type of bar soap and bath product. If you are looking for something to spice up your bathroom in your home, rest assured, they have everything you're looking for and more. A lot of people turn to the Bath Savvy website when they are renovating or remodeling the bathroom in their home. However, keep in mind that they mainly specialize in consumer goods, not necessarily things to spruce up the room itself. We have found that some of their products can be stored on the counter of your bathroom, and they will look quite nice. A lot of the products are very colorful, so they do a good job of making your bathroom look beautiful, while remaining well organized. They also make great gift basket items, since a lot of women are looking for colorful body ointments, bath soaps and other body products.

Affordable handmade solutions in bath and body!
Since the opening of the website, they have brought quality handmade products down to the price range of the average consumer. Before, most of the handmade products that were composed of natural ingredients, were very expensive. Now that all of these bath and body products are available at everyday prices, we can all benefit from their availability. Bath Savvy is a family ran business located in Michigan and they provide homemade, natural products. In fact, most of their products are made out of their own kitchen. From the beginning, they specialized in providing luxurious products that not only were comforting to our skin, but also natural and nourishing as well. A good product is only so when it provides scientifically proven benefits to our skin. Without loading up their products on chemicals, they were able to accomplish great benefits for skin while using natural and wholesome ingredients. The results that they have been able to achieve our exceptional, some of their creations are truly one-of-a-kind. Even today, they still handcraft all of their products from high quality ingredients like Shea butter, olive oil, flowers, herbs and many other types of pure essential oils. You will find that none of the products on the website are sold with harsh ingredients in them like parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or petrochemicals. Unlike a lot of our competitors products, even kids are able to pronounce being greedy and send our products with ease!

Don't forget the blog!
The blog at Bath Savvy is continuing to grow day by day. By posting interesting facts about their products, such as recipes and directions for creating homemade bar soaps, they have been able to make a name for themselves. They also post up-to-date information on things that are going on in this industry. It's important to check out the blog, it can really provide you with a lot of insight into homemade and natural body care.