Latin Heritage Foundation Releases Edel Morales’ Poetry Book

Gualdo Hidalgo, Latin Heritage Foundation publisher is pleased to announce the release of the poetry book by prominent writer, researcher, editor and literary critic Edel Morales.

Online PR News – 31-August-2012 – Washington, New Jersey – The eroticism that permeates “Woman enjoying her nakedness”, the everyday “Seeing the cars travelling to the West” and the cold reality that in a way so simple and delicious presents in “End of century” make this attracting compendium a work worthy of its third edition.
The author of the book holds the National Culture Distinction, among other awards.

The author has published titles in Cuba and abroad and has held important positions within the Cuban literary universe.

Edel Morales, with his book “Far from the stream”, confirms the deep breath of poetry born in the small towns of central Cuba. With this sample, Morales dares to tell us the origin of his assumptions, to reveal in a single text his static and affective itinerary.

From the small town, the streets, usually bustling and sweet, through meetings with friends, cities, seas, knowing the time, about the nothingness that we will after a thousand or fifty years, the poet reveals us his story in the universe, with a subtle dialectical coherence; his theme gliding through man and the very complex living macrocosm in which he resides. It is true that we live with multiple poetic visions, ranging from the most fervent, authentic, traditional registry until vanguard and contemporary positions.

In these poems, near the eye of the storm, of the central truth of the words, the being lives clinging to their steps, to his destiny, between good and evil, accepting that the universe expands the finiteness of its cords. His voice is his own door, which opens and closes forever, like the pendulum.

Edel Morales publishes under the imprint of Latin Heritage Foundation.
“Lejos de la corriente“ is available at Amazon.